Glad to be back: Buffalo Wild Wings on list of favorites

Story by Dylan Pitman

Buffalo Wild Wings reopened their Texarkana location in November as a gift to all the sport bar and wing lovers everywhere. This was a great opportunity to give the restaurant my taste of either approval of failure.

Let’s start with the atmosphere. The setting of the restaurant was very chill and cozy. The sport bar feel and the nice-romantic-date quality co-mingled well. You feel right at home from the second you walk in. There are TVs everywhere so you’re constantly entertained. I was very satisfied with that.

Next, let’s talk about about the service. The waiters and waitresses take the best of care of you while you’re there. I was surprised of how comfortable I felt with our server and her generosity. The waiters let you try any sauce you want to make sure the wings you select are worth it. Overall, the service was quite dandy. Always remember to tip big at this place.

Finally, the food. I started out with an appetizers of potato wedges (let’s just say fries. We’re in the south, it’s okay.) They blew me away with how sweet and salty they were. The fries were presented like your average salted fries, but then a taste of sugar shows up and it’s amazing. Very good dish indeed. Now on to the wings. I ordered the Medium Sauce boneless wings expecting this to just be another Wing Stop-flavored taste. I was wrong. These wings were by far the best I’ve had in a long time. The spicy, yet tangy flavor takes your taste buds on a trip to freakin finger lickin’ Hawaii. The traditional spicy sauce complemented the hint of lime I tasted very well. A few fries and 8 wings later, I was quite the satisfied young lad.

Buffalo Wild Wings has become one of my favorite places to eat. With outstanding service, a cool atmosphere, and delicious food, it’s very hard to beat. Now I’ll leave with just one word of advice: Come hungry and with an empty stomach cause you’ll leave full and miserably satisfied. Buffalo Wing Wings, you are approved.