Tron: Legacy, a new twist on a classic

Story by Ashley Diggs

Light-cycles, disc wars, holograms, and secrets that hold the keys to the future of civilization. This is the world of Tron. First introduced in 1982, the film Tron made  unprecedented strides in the field of special effects and costumes for the film industry. Although Tron is still held in high regards for it’s groundbreaking material, it’s reputation has suffered greatly through the years. Even with an unwavering cult following the original Tron is viewed as a stereotypical conglomerate of the cheesiness and the technologically inferior 1980s.
Now almost thirty years later Tron has been revamped with a sequel that has effectively reminded the masses what the brand has to offer in the field of groundbreaking visuals with a screen excellency matched by few movies released recently. Tron: Legacy approaches the viewer with a refreshing take on 3D. Scenes shot in the real world are merely 2D, while scenes taking place in “the grid” (or computer world) are filmed in 3D. Crisp and colorful Tron: Legacy uses 3D the way it’s supposed to be, to bring the viewer closer into the intense and action packed sequences without giving you a headache or trying to put too much into a single scene.
Comparing Tron: Legacy to the original is unfair to this movie. Tron: Legacy has it’s fair share of homages to the original, but is still a completely new movie in itself. Building off of what made the original Tron a cult hit, Legacy keeps the viewer on their toes with quick yet carefully filmed fight and chase scenes. At the same time Legacy keeps the viewer emotionally invested with a harrowing tale of a son and father fighting for their lives. In the end Tron: Legacy proves to be more than just a laser light show, but a compelling well written story gift wrapped with astounding visuals creating a film good enough to do justice to the original, and great enough to entice the minds of the modern masses.