Movie previews: thrills, laughs and inspiration

Story by Davis Payne, Entertainment Editor

Movies are always coming out. That is a fact of modern day life. Every weekend we see new films. Action, comedy, romance, drama, thriller, horror, etc. There are even those idiotic remakes of old movies where someone with an IQ of 12 says, ”Well if it worked once, it should work again.” And maybe you will get an award for your stupidity. With that being said, here is a look at what is coming out in the next couple weeks. (Luckily, no remakes.)

Dream House, Sept. 30: Most producers wait until October to start throwing out the thrillers. It seems that Universal Pictures has said, “Who cares?” and started a day early with the film Dream House. This thriller follows story of Will Atenton who has relocated with his family to a town in New England. (It never is a Texas town is it?) They move into an old house that seems as perfect as you could ask for. (Of course, so did the ones in the other hundred thrillers, but I am sure this one is different.) As the plot goes on, Will finds out that a wife and her two kids were murdered in the house and the husband that murdered them is still living. (Dang it. I really thought that the family was going to actually get a perfect house without the troublesome burden of past murders. Are there any two-story houses in thrillers that are not haunted?) As Will starts to research the incident, he ends up finding something out that shocks him to the core. (Hint: It’s not Clay Aiken in the basement.) With Daniel Craig in the leading roll of an only slightly cliche movie, this is definitely a good way to get an adrenaline high.

50/50, Sept. 30: So you are having a bad day. You made a bad grade, did not get enough sleep the night before, or maybe you are just ticked off at the world. What is the sure thing to make you feel better? Seeing someone who is having a worse day than you are. And what better to help out with this than a comedy about someone being diagnosed with cancer? As horrible as that sounds, that is exactly what Mandate Pictures has decided to do, make a comedy about someone trying to deal with what some would consider the worst news you could receive. The plot revolves around Adam, a 27-year-old man who is diagnosed with cancer. After facing the fact, Adam shares this information with his girlfriend, best friend, and mom and each has their own reaction. Finally, Adam’s best friend decides to try and help him beat the odds. Definitely a controversial film, but one can’t deny that it has a certain edge to it that seems hard to resist.

Real Steel, Oct. 7: Okay, Okay. We have had a thriller and a comedy. Now it is time to move on to something nice and simple. Giant boxing robots. At first glance you would think that this movie was designed to make other movies look good. (That is a nice way of saying that the movie is awful and we would all like to forget about it as soon as possible.) With Hugh Jackman starring, though, you can’t help but give it a chance. The movie is set in the near future and revolves around a washed up boxer who never got a chance at the title because of one small detail. (This is a hard one. Let me guess. Steroids?) Boxing is now fought by controlled two ton robots.( Oh. Yeah, that’ll hurt ya.) After scraping by for a couple of years as a washed up loser, he decides to team up with his son and build a contending robot. (Talk about father-son bonding. What an awesome “take your kid to work day” that would be!) Against all the odds, he and his son are aiming for the title. (What a great lesson for a kid. “Winning is everything!” Which is hard to argue with. You never see anyone trying to make the winners feel better, they don’t need to.) With a new spin to a classic comeback story, I would recommend this to anyone who likes inspirational movies. (Who knows. If you are shallow enough you might even get a life lesson out of it.)