Most infamous, haunted hotels

Most infamous, haunted hotels

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Story by Zachary Baker, Staff Writer

For some reason, people are fascinated with haunted things. Hotels always have some kind of haunted history behind them. These hotels are some of the most famous hotels in the world. They can bring in large incomes from publicity just by saying someone died in room 35. Books have been written about haunted hotels–The Shining by Stephen King for example. Here are some of the most famous haunted hotels in the America.

4. Hotel del Coronado (San Diego) – The story behind Hotel del Coronado is that in the late 19th century the hotel played host to a school, then transformed into a hotel. However, some of the guests stayed longer then planned. Kate Morgan checked into the hotel in 1892 and was found dead at the bottom of the exterior staircase waiting on the love of her life. It has been said that she still likes to take long walks on the beach and play harmless pranks on some of the residents of the hotel.

3.The Myrtles Plantation (St. Francisville) – This plantation was built on an ancient Indian ground. The most famous ghost is Chloe, a former slave who was in love with the land owner’s son. When she became obsessed with the young man, she baked a cake and injected it with poison, hoping to be able to nurse her love back to health. However, he died and Chloe committed suicide.

2.The Brown Palace hotel and Spa (Denver) – The creepiest thing about this hotel is that the front desk has records of calls from room 904. The calls themselves aren’t so strange, but the times they were received, when the hotel was undergoing renovations, and all the 9th floor wires had been removed.

1. The Crescent Hotel (Eureka Springs, Arkansas) – One of the most playful ghosts to inhabit the grounds is Michael, a young Irish stonemason who came to America to help build the hotel. According to legend, when he leaned over the landing to see a pretty girl passing by, he fell to his death near room 218, one of the rooms with the most reported paranormal activity.