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Songs for situations

Songs for situations

Going through life, you encounter many problems. Everyone has their ways of handling them. But what do I find most effective? Music. Sure you can punch the girl who stole your man in the face, and get in loads of trouble or you can blast Crazy Ex Girlfriend in your car and imagine that you are Miranda Lambert singing to this girl and have no consequences. So take the high road, and sing away.

The I have had an all around awful day song:
Bob Marley never ceases to make you smile, it’s probably because he was always smiling because well, you know why.

The I can’t find love song:
Hey, if Lil’ Wayne is single for the night then it must be cool. Don’t get down in the dumps embrace being single.

The I just want to hit someone in the face song:
This song lets you know that even though it feels like the only way to release your anger is by hitting something, you can always head bang.

The I’ve had absolutely enough, and I don’t care song:
When you start feeling like you’re absolutely about to break you can listen to this song and realize that no matter how crappy your life might be right now, you’re alive after all.

The I just broke up with my boyfriend and all I want to do is cry and eat chocolate song:
This is the perfect song for you if you just want to sit around and cry all day, and don’t feel like moving on.
This is for the girls who know that they will find better, and want to forget all about the jerk that just broke their heart.

The I just got cheated on song (for girls):
There is nothing like messing up the guy’s emotions, and how do you get to them the most? Mess up their car.

The I just got cheated on song (for guys):
For you guys out there, the first line says it all. And this is how you feel right now.

The I hate my parents today song:
This makes you feel like you could over through your parents, but let’s be honest. You probably can’t.

The I’m so glad to be a girl song:
That’s right girls, it’s perfectly fine to have a back bone and stand up for yourself. Feel the woman power!

The no one believes in me song:
The song says it all, keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart. Believe in yourself even if no one else does.

The typical riding around with your boyfriend/girlfriend song:
This song is really fun and it just makes you want to hang out of the window of your boyfriend’s truck. By the way girls, he thinks you’re so dang hot. Embrace it.

The I’m riding around with my girls on a Friday night song:
This song goes to show you that your girls will always have your back. So go ahead, and sing your heart out with all of your favorite girls right by your side.

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Shelby Kelley, News Editor
Shelby is a senior and is in her second year of newspaper. She holds the position of news editor. She loves music, and making people laugh. She is known for her controversial articles and opinions. From catching people off guard with her always blunt comments and her unique ways, she will always put a smile or a "wow" look on your face with her stories. She looks forward to having a great newspaper this year. Every time.

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Songs for situations