Haywire provides ‘almost absurd’ amount of action

Haywire provides almost absurd amount of action

Story by Josh Klein, Staff Writer

James Bond is the iconic spy and possibly the greatest movie character of all time. He is the epitome of awesome and the definition of cool. Needless to say every man should strive to be like him. In the movie Haywire, the protagonist, Mallory Kane, embodies the overwhelming amount of awesomeness of James Bond in only a slightly more feminine package.

Haywire is an exciting spy movie revolving around a black-ops super spy who gets burned by her contractor. I would see this movie for the opening scene alone when Channing Tatum is brutally beaten in a diner. The level of action in this movie is almost absurd and Mallory Kane seems to posses super-human abilities, however that is about as good as the movie gets.

It is unfortunate that such a star studded cast is squandered with horrid dialogue and a predictable plot line. Haywire is filled with amazing fight scenes peppered with listless dialogue that almost spoils the movie. As if that was not enough, the characters never progresses. The main character is an empty shell, used only as a medium for beatings. Once again it is a shame that an amazing cast could not shine at their fullest potential.

This movie is good if one is only looking for fighting, however if one is searching for Shakespearean dialogue and a gripping plot it fails miserably. That being said I would recommend seeing it just to see James Bond in female form, and see Channing Tatum get pummeled by a girl. More Channing beatings, less talking.