Did you see that?

Story by Sydney Schoen, Staff Writer

I have never been one to spend an obsessive amount of time on YouTube to find the next best video of a cat playing the piano, dog singing the “National Anthem,” or horrible parody of a Katy Perry song sung by a three-year-old. I’ve just never been able to scour through millions of videos at a time to find one “gem” of a video. However, some videos have been brought to my attention through friends, cousins, and random people that I’ve eavesdropped on. These are some of the more recent comedy videos to have grabbed my attention:

1) Kristen Bell Sloth Freak-out
When I watch a video, I don’t laugh out loud. I’m one of those “I’m laughing on the inside” people. This video changed that. I laughed so hard at Kristen’s legitimate obsession over sloths and how it affected her. Ellen DeGeneres’ commentary doesn’t hurt either.

2) Harry Potter Cast Speaking in American Accents
I’ve always been an avid fan of the actors in Harry Potter, but it’s hard to see them as anything but perfect when they’re portraying your favorite fictional people. In this video, they
struggle to execute our native accent, otherwise referred to as the “freedom language.”

3) “Divorce Court” Woman’s Vice
Another clip from Ellen DeGeneres’ show, this video shows how far a woman can be pushed before she just has to sing a little. It’s hilarious because it’s real. I cannot imagine how the Judge kept herself together through it all.

4) “Toddlers and Tiaras’” Alana interviews
This video is a combination of many hilarious scenes from the TLC show “Toddlers and Tiaras,” featuring Alana. This a funny episode for so many reasons. First and foremost, however, would be her winning catchphrases, such as, “A dolla makes me holla, honey boo boo child!”