Fun Facts: Weirdest names

Story by Shayla James, Staff Writer

Some names could be common, like Adam, or Jeremy. Others could be unique by their spellings such as Jazzmyn, or Renae. But some people’s names are just…weird.

-Aitor Mitrousers. It sounds like you’re saying “I tore my trousers”!

-GoldenPalaceDotCom. This website paid 15,000 dollars to have a child named after it.

-Batman Bin Superman. This Japanese man has been blessed to have two superheros names.

-4real Superman Wheton. His parents were inspired when they saw him the first time with a ultra sound and discovered he was “for real!”

-Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116. Pronounced Albin. The Swedish name was rejected, so they renamed him Albin, which was also rejected. In 2005, a Virginia man changed his name to protest animal cruelty against KFC. However, he did change his name back to Chris when it was over.

-Metallica. Sweden refused to let a couple name their child after the popular rock group.

-ESPN. Two boys, one in Texas, have been named after this sports channel.

-Kal-El. Nicholas Cage named his son after superman.

-Bluebell Madonna. This girl was named after the rare flower, and also the singer.

-Moxie CrimeFighter. The mother named her after a comic book hero, obviously.