Hot Links for Book Lovers

Story by Mackenzie Phillips, Staff Writer

Even though television has become what many teens consider the greatest source of entertainment, there are still some out there who love a good book. Some book lovers even go as far as to research their books and the authors. These sites will help those on their quest for information and knowledge of the literature they so greatly love.
This site is often used when kids forget to or choose not to read the book they were so grudgingly assigned in English. But this site has so much more. Besides having tons of book summaries and analyses, they explain important quotes in the book, give key facts, and have explanations of key themes and symbols. All these details help book lovers
This site is a bit more for the lazy book readers or the multi-taskers. It allows you to download audiobooks that can be put on your iPod or other MP3 device. Some of the books are even narrated by the authors.
Every book lover has heard of Barnes and Noble. Besides being a great book store, they also have a website and their own electronic book reader, the Nook. This site has tons of books that you can either order a hard copy of or download to your Nook. They also have book ratings and reviews.