Look here for those unconventional gifts

With Christmas on the way, students have important choices when it comes to selecting the perfect gift. Cliche gifts are the easy way out. Or you could have some fun and give your close ones something to really remember.

These gifts are for the visionaries who are fed up with giving a gift and receiving a simple, “Thanks.” It’s time to move forward and try to get a confused smile and aim for the, “Really bro?”

So try one of these gifts to turn a loving tradition into one big punch line.

Nothing – This is a great way to show that you will spend time and money not getting them something.










Procrastination pen – For that friend who needs a little push to hang out with you instead of doing algebra.








Sock Sandals – Awkward people like comfort too.











Chocolate kit – Make them work for their present this year.

Fish School – A creative way to get your mom to leave the dog alone.










Doggie Doo – Expresses the joys of fecal matter at a young age.








Political toilet paper – This brings a new meaning to running a smear campaign.