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Reasons why we ‘relax’ on Sunday


It seems that everyone loves to relax on a Sunday. That is not to say that people don’t also like to relax on other days; the other days can be quite relaxing too. It just seems that whether it is your average working citizen or a student in high school, Sunday is the choice day of the week to just sit back and not do anything that needs to be done. So, after many years of participation in what I will call the tradition of mankind, I have developed several explanations to this weekly occurrence.

It’s the Day after Saturday: Since I can already picture you scoffing at this obvious statement, please allow me a moment to explain. As the everyday man, we’ll call him Phil, works through the week, he will build up multiple levels of stress. This causes Phil to enter the end of the week with a stress level that ranks somewhere between student during college finals and freshmen class teacher on the suicidal meter. So that brings in Saturday; the day to work toward becoming unstressed. I don’t know if you have ever tried to relax while stressed, but it isn’t the easiest thing. So Saturday becomes the day where Phil must work again to unwork the stress that working worked on him. It is basically the Phil’s natural therapist in life. Finally, Phil arrives at Sunday and maybe he has some work to do, but Phil has been working for the past six days so he will inevitably decide to take part in the tradition of mankind.

It’s the Day before Monday: Again, I realize that this is an extremely obvious statement, but can also explain my reasoning here as well. Take Phil’s situation from the last explanation and apply it here. He has just gotten up on Sunday, almost completely stress free after cleansing himself Saturday, and is immediately faced with the fact that he has to go to work the next day. This day I am referring to is, of course, Monday, but here it will be called The Destroyer of All Happiness (imagine ominous music). While just starting back to work might seem like a rather petite problem, it is not to be underestimated. This is because Monday, a.k.a. The Destroyer of All Happiness (ominous music), is the beginning of that long work week that becomes the eternal prison sentence of the common man. So, when faced with certain defeat at the hands of The Destroyer of All Happiness (slightly different ominous music), Phil decides that it is better to spend his last moments not doing what he needs to do.

It’s not any other Day of the Week: (I will assume that you see this statement as obvious and by now trust me to explain). This is the basic root principle that shows why our common man, Phil, decides to participate in not participating in anything that requires an effort greater than sitting down on a couch. As I said before, any day of the week is fully capable of being a relaxing day, and that is definitely the truth. I can also truthfully assure you that they usually aren’t. I would like to bring my metaphor of a prison sentence over from my second explanation to represent your average week. Phil is faced week after week, month after month, and year after year with the knowledge that he will always be gaining and losing stress for the rest of his life. He knows that out of every seven days, something will be expected of him on six of them. Still, Phil has that one day to do as much nothing as he pleases. He can do anything he wants to or not do anything he doesn’t want to. This is why Sunday serves as the working class hero’s one day release from the endless cycle that is his life.

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About the Contributor
Davis Payne
Davis Payne, Co-Entertainment Editor
Davis is a senior and a co-editor of entertainment on the Tiger Times staff. He is also on the swim team which keeps him from being involved with anything else. He has been a part of four consecutive mission trips to Guatemala and has a passion for the medical field.

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Reasons why we ‘relax’ on Sunday