Raving for Ruzzle

Raving for Ruzzle

Story by Caroline Purtle, Staff Writer

Ever since the release of the iPhone on June 29, 2007, people have been getting hooked on competitive game applications, also known as apps. From Angry Birds, to Words with Friends, people can’t seem to put down their phones.

As some applications slowly fade into the abyss, one game reached this week’s top three spots for free apps. Ruzzle, a new take on the classic game Scrabble, dominates the app store and its players’ lives.

“I play because it seemed fun,” sophomore Mary-Stewart Shores said. “I’m pretty bad, but it’s still fun to play with a lot of friends.”

With over 20 million players, participants find themselves captivated in a three-round word game with their close friends, or even a random opponent.

“I like playing with my best friends because it’s more competitive,” sophomore Laura Rochelle said.”But, it’s just as fun playing with a stranger.”

You can chat with people, unlock different achievements, and even connect through your Facebook or Twitter account.

“On Ruzzle I have 21% of the achievements unlocked,”  junior Laura Davis said. “But, the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ achievement is my favorite because I used every tile in one round and I am really proud of that,”

Ruzzle isn’t a game that kills your brain; it is a timed word competition that makes you think and challenges you with new puzzles every round.

“It helps me learn more words and it challenges me to think quickly and on the spot,” senior Justin White said.

Whether it’s competitive or just for fun, the game Ruzzle is all the rage. Whether you are in bed, at a restaurant, or just watching TV, witty word battles will continue to consume your free time, and lower your phones’ batteries.