Mexican restaurant is sure to please


Photo by Bailey Vaughan

Papa Poblanos has moved in where Timothy’s was in Nash.

Story by Brad Lenaway, staff writer

A new restaurant has come to Texarkana. After being seated, chips, salsa and the menu is given. The menu is small, but not overly small,  and is well rounded and simple to read. Good graphics are shown on pages of possible entrées that not only are for dinner, but for lunch and breakfast as well.

A waitress (or waiter) approaches the table, offers “World class Service” and the food order is taken. After a short time the food arrives from the kitchen, steam rolling off the plate.

“I love Papa Poblanos for its authenticity and delicious food,” senior Madison Norton said. “My favorite entreé is the chicken fajita quesadillas because it puts all my favorite ingredients in a tortilla.”

Once finished with dinner and filled to the brim, you are asked for desert, a question that is hard to resist. After receiving the dessert menu, you’re given a multitude of options, the most popular being flan. Flan is a traditional Spanish dessert  with a honey glaze and whip cream that resembles the French dish, crème brûlée.

“My favorite dessert is Flan, most definitely,” Norton said. “It’s super sweet and yummy!”

However, aside from the food, the service and footprint in the community is something of controversy. Many having mixed emotions on how the restaurant will fair with the other restaurants in the area and how it is going to be run in the future.

“The first time I went there, getting a table was pretty slow, but mainly I think it was a staff problem and the service is pretty slow too, which again, is a staff problem. I think it could be a good restaurant. It wasn’t the best food, but it was good,” sophomore Travis Williams said. “I would eat there again, but to me it’s just another restaurant. I think it will do okay since it’s a new restaurant, but I think it will just be like all other new restaurants and fade into the background after about a year or so.”

In all, mixed feelings about the new restaurant are few and far between. It will hopefully fit in well with the community along with other Mexican restaurants such as TaMolly’s, Amigo Juans and Zapata Grill. However, the underlying needs in a restaurant are prominent: the service friendly and the food portioned for a well price. Swing by and visit the city’s new restaurant, they would be glad to have the business.