That awkward moment when…

That awkward moment when...

Story by Madeline Hunley, News Editor


One of the most common used words in the teenage vocabulary. Coming across a situation where there is no other word to describe the scene can turn into an uncomfortable position. In other words, it is awkward.

There is nothing better than calling up a few friends and family for a movie date after a long week of school and work. As always, the vote on which movie to pay a whopping eight dollars for comes into consideration. Junior Hannah Brantley chose to pay this amount and experienced one of the famous “awkward moments” while attending The Wolf on Wall Street with her parents.

“The movie definitely kept you entertained, but it wasn’t one you should see with your parents,” Brantley said. “I’m surprised my dad didn’t make me leave.”

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf on Wall Street has created an excessive amount of talk over the past few weeks after it was released on Christmas day. Showing sexually explicit content and inappropriate language, the trailer and commercials for the movie did not serve it justice.

“It was very uncomfortable,” junior Garrett May said. “I felt fine, but it was not one to take your girlfriend to.”

Although The Wolf on Wall Street has come across as a negative to most viewers, 76 percent of critics liked it. The plot may not be the most realistic to relate to the average teenager or adult, but it is an interesting movie to watch . Depending on what a person’s preference is about an awkward moment, The Wolf on Wall Street is one to put down in the books.