Smart apps for smart students

Story by Caroline Purtle, co-entertainment editor

Every time someone steps out the door, crucial Twitter mentions, Snapchat pictures and Instagram likes pelt them before they can blink. Most of society uses them nonstop, but the smart phone applications don’t control lives; they are merely accessories to the real world. What’s unknown is there are other apps in the sphere that don’t relate to entertainment at all. These apps are being overlooked by the razzle-dazzle of the big dogs in the App Store. Here are the top three applications that could compliment any student’s life.

1. Charity Miles

charitymilesappThis app uses the GPS tracking system to calculate how far one walks, runs and even bikes. You pick a charity from the offered candidates before your exercise and it will tally up how much you have raised for each mile. Major charities featured in the application include: Stand Up to Cancer, Feeding America, Autism Speaks, Wounded Warrior Project and ASPCA. It won the SXSW Dewey Wilburne Award and a two-time award winner of Ignite Good Millennial Impact Grants from the Huffington Post and Heartfelt Foundation. This app will give motivation for the casual walker to the fierce cross country runner.

2. Eidetic – Remember anything

eideticappWhat does that word mean again? Eidetic knows. This application comes free in the App Store, but don’t be deceived. This application will help one study for any test by using ‘spaced repetition’ or the ‘spacing effect’ to help with memorization. It can help cram for tests as much as one day or one month prior. Eidetic sends notifications to remind someone on when they should test themselves again over a subject. Spacing the tests will create the ultimate studying process. It’s perfect for the students wanting to be well-rounded in a topic or confident about next week’s exam.

3. WolframAlpha

WolframAlphaappTwenty-five years and counting, Stephen Wolfram has created the all-in-one higher learning expert source. Subjects range from basic mathematics to socioeconomic data. This app actually uses and produces logarithms to help with questions. Unlike Google, this reference is coated with visual reports with strong backing. The user won’t need to click through pages of suggested URLs. No more headaches from unreliable citations, just pure success.