What to watch on Netflix


Photo of Scrubs cast from Reddit.

As the second semester continues, the urge to procrastinate and binge watch on the most popular TV series comes along as well. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably finished every good series Netflix has to offer, so here’s a list of great TV shows that you probably haven’t seen.


New to Netflix, Friends got its start in 1994 when it began airing on NBC. Friends focuses on six friends after Rachel Green re enters into Monica’s life after she decides to run out of her wedding. All the characters go throughout their daily lives, while spending their free time at their local coffee house, Central Perk. And like any friendship, there’s laughs, drama, tears and lots of yelling. The hit comedy ended in 04, but is still very popular today.


Airing in 2001, “Scrubs” is not new to Netflix. The main character JD and his best friend Turk work at Sacred Heart hospital where they are interns. The story revolves around the the two and their adventures together around the hospital, with the occasional diagnoses. Along with “Friends,” “Scrubs” is off air, but still remains popular.


Netflix recently added the remainder of the “Psych” series. After the main character, Shaun, calls in a successful tip involving a robbery the police began to suspect he had something to do with it. After calling him into questioning, Shaun convinces the officers that he is a psychic and then begins working with the police with his best friend, Gus, by his side.


The main character, Gregory House is a narcissistic drug addict with about half a leg. Although House has many flaws and might just be a little insane, he is known to be one of the best diagnosticians in the world. Throughout every episode House and his team solve cases that other doctors couldn’t with unethical and immoral decisions. Although the show has ended, you can catch up on all the medical drama on Netflix.

The Blacklist

New to the TV series world, “The Blacklist” revolves around Raymond Reddington, a criminal wanted by the FBI and Special Agent Elizabeth Keen. Reddington surrenders to the FBI not only to get closer to Agent Keen, but to help them catch a list of criminals they would never suspect, on what is known as the Blacklist. Since the show is new, not many seasons are on Netflix, but it is worth the wait.

These shows are great and popular, if you find yourself TV show-less, I would highly recommend adding these to your list.