Last-minute Halloween costume tips


Photo by Morgan Bonner

Story by Bethany Dowd, staff writer

Now that it’s down to the last days of October, we’re all thinking about the same thing: Halloween. Because this Halloween is on a Saturday, you have no excuse to not dress up, and dress up well.

Disney fan? Of course you are. But, since you’re reading this and Halloween is a few days away, an authentic Belle gown is out of the question. However, there is still hope. Try Googling ‘*insert favorite Disney character here* Disneybound’. Here you’ll find pictures of casually dressed Disney princesses/princes in corresponding colors with their actual outfits.  For example, as Belle, someone might buy a brown curly wig at a costume store and pair it with a yellow tutu along with a yellow tank top

Looking for a something a bit more classic? Try a vampire. The type of vampire is up to you, you can be sparkly with perfectly tousled hair and that brooding look on your face, but I’m going to focus on a more Dracula-esque look. Around this time, every store is full of fake blood and vampire fangs. The fake blood is cheap, but you can run into some pretty expensive realistic fangs. If they are way out of your price range, go to the dollar store and buy some white fake nails and pick up some dental glue at Walmart. File the nails into nice little points, add a dab of glue to your canine teeth and apply the nail, with the file side down. As for the clothes, try Goodwill to look for a long black gown, or a white shirt along with some black pants. You could find a comically big red jewel necklace to wrap it together and voila, you’re a teenage heartthrob—I mean a bloodsucking creature of the night.

Feeling like you’d rather be someone from a well known horror movie? Try Ghostface from the Scream movies. The costume is rather simple, and the main part consists of a black gown and a mask. The black gown can be found basically anywhere, an old graduation gown would work, so if you have a sibling that has graduated, good news for you! If not, try Goodwill or Salvation Army, chances are there are plenty there. You can also just get an old black sheet from your blanket closet, and with a few snips and some sewing (or hot glue if you have no sewing experience) you’ll have a realistic Ghostface outfit! Now all that’s left is that iconic mask. You can always go to the Spirit Store and pick one up for around ten bucks, or if you’re feeling extremely creative, make a mask with makeup. Look up some tutorials on Youtube, I suggest Ghostface ‘Scream’ Halloween Makeup Tutorial by the Youtuber daniellereid.

Last, but not least, if you have around $50 ready to spend you can always go to the Spirit Store and purchase one of their pre-made costumes. They’re good quality costumes, and will probably last through a few Halloweens.