What not to wear

The acceptable times to break out your fall and winter gear

Story by Ali Richter, staff writer

It’s a chilly November morning and you are deciding what to wear to keep you warm. Converse? Nah, too cold. Riding boots? Nope, they make such a loud clacking noise when you walk in the Math and Science building. Then, you spot your warm fuzzy uggs in the back of your closet, begging to be worn. But is it too early to wear them? Are people going to judge you as you walk the halls?

If you’re a girl, you know how much of a struggle it is to pick a weather appropriate outfit. You probably won’t wear riding boots until you see another girl wearing them, and that’s the simple truth. Girls must be reassured that they will not be shunned for wearing something at the wrong time. Hopefully this these tips will provide insight on this situation so you are never caught wearing the wrong thing.

  1. Fuzzy socks are always acceptable.

The only time wearing fuzzy socks might be frowned upon is during the heat of the summer, but they are classics. They can be worn with Birkenstocks, boots, Jesus sandals, Converse or anything that floats your boat. They come in a variety of seasonal designs so you can get festive for the holidays.

  1. Don’t wear sandals when it’s cold.

If it’s below 40 degrees, leave those sandals in the back of your closet. Some snarky girl is sure to make a rude comment if you don’t. If your feet are cold all day, your whole body will freeze and you’ll contemplate amputation. Stay warm and wear other shoes in the colder months.

  1. Don’t be afraid to wear your riding boots.

Riding boots are only in season for a couple of months, so make sure you get the most out of them. Wear them anytime the weather gets a little chilly, or at the beginning of the fall season (around the start of October). Make boot season as long as possible by wearing them early, and other girls will follow your lead.

  1. Wear your letterman in winter weather.

If it is above 55 degrees, do not wear your letterman anywhere. Unless you’re a freshman, it looks like you’re trying to show off. But for the colder days, letterman jackets are great windblockers and a heavy top layer in the cold. However, they are very itchy so only wearing a short sleeve shirt under one is not advised.

  1. Fuzzy boots are for winter, people.

Fuzzy boots, especially Uggs, are going to make your feet sweat in mild weather. Don’t wear them when it’s sunny and 70 degrees. Instead, pair them with wool socks to keep your feet extra toasty on those freezing cold days. Unless it is absolutely freezing, keep your fuzzy boots tucked away until mid-November.