Drake releases new song, looking toward album

Story by Tye Shelton, staff writer

In past months, a feud between rappers Drake and Meek Mill has reached a boiling point. Meek’s insults to Drake and his music led to the production of a string of “diss” songsincluding, “Back to Back,” “Charged Up” and more. With these tracks released by Toronto king Drake, Meek Mill has failed miserably at responding to his superior.

Now Drake has produced a single, “Summer Sixteen,” throwing serious shots at Meek Mill, and shouting out Barack Obama. His track includes lines such as, “Tell Obama my lines like the whips he riding in; bulletproof.”

“I really liked the new song by Drake, I thought it was great,” senior JT Morgan said. “I can not wait for Views from the Six though.”

Views from the Six is  Drake’s long awaited album,rumored to drop for months, only to be met by later release dates. Despite the frustration, Drake’s fans wait loyally.

While Drake has the world in his grasp, it can be guaranteed that once this album drops, his already iconic persona will only grow more.

“I have been waiting for a long time, but it will be great,” Morgan said. “I think it will be one of the greatest albums of the year.”