Invading the box office

5th wave leaves viewers wanting more


Story by Robin Cooper, staff writer

Alien invasion, teen love, and fighting to find family are all key factors in the 5th Wave.

With a moderate amount of action and a hint of romance, the book makes for an interesting read. The 5th Wave, written by Rick Yancey follows multiple people as they try to find their ways through a alien invasion. Who to trust, how to fight, and how to survive are all questions the characters faced.

Don’t worry if the book doesn’t suit your fancy, you could always watch the movie directed by J Blakeson. The movie stays loyal to the book’s plot excluding a few details that you can do without– unless you can’t. While the movie and the book are almost identical the movie’s modified storyline doesn’t disappoint..

The invasion brings five waves to wipe out the human race starting with disease, and progressing through natural disasters and betrayal in an effort to stay alive. The people of Earth have their once comfortable lives snatched from beneath them when an extraterrestrial lands on Earth- their peaceful planet.

The book and movie follow female lead, Cassie (Chloe Moretz) who tries to survive while  desperately searching for her little brother, Sam who was taken from her. During her journey she comes across Evan (Alex Roe), an odd boy who saves her and promises to help find Sam.

The book and movie also follow Ben (Nick Robinson), Cassie’s classmate and crush, as he finds himself alone and in a camp being trained to kill aliens. While in the camp, Ben meets Sam who he tries to protect from the cruelty and brutality of their surroundings.

Both story lines are followed throughout the story and meet to come to an epic drop off,leaving you yearning for a copy of the second book or filming of another movie.
Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, or lover of moderate action, this story is the brain invasion for you.