Dirty politics

Season four of House of Cards has been released on Netflix. Attention: Spoiler alert.


Story by Tye Shelton, staff writer

Politics have always been revered in America as dirty and scandalous. However, as factual evidence is brought to light, politics is never the whole truth. Netflix’s rendition of Washington, D.C. has prospered a riveting series. The Netflix original series, House of Cards highlights just what Washington is.

The show follows a motivated and relentless Democratic whip, Francis J. Underwood (Kevin Spacey). The show entails from beginning to end Underwood’s unwavering passion to do anything to obtain the Oval Office for himself. With the opening scene showing Underwood snapping his neighbor’s dog neck after it was hit by a car, the viewer is aware of his savage mentality.

The first season encompasses Underwood being snubbed for Secretary of State by President Elect, Garrett Walker. This is the fuel to his evil march into the White House, beginning with the blackmail and resignation of Michael Kern, the initial Secretary of State choice forced by Underwood.

After incorporating Peter Russo into his team, Frank Underwood blatantly kills Russo. Francis also manipulates his way into the vice-presidency position by the end of season one, becoming President Walker’s right hand man.

Season two features more dirty politics, as Francis and his assistant Doug Stamper combine to annihilate the presidency of Walker. Along with this, Doug has a personal vendetta with prostitute Rachel Posner who contributed to Peter Russo’s downfall. Stamper has a season long feud with Posner as she becomes a nuisance to the path the Francis as president. Another key individual who takes a backdrop to the main conflict is Freddy, the owner of a BBQ joint Francis enjoys. Freddy and Francis have become close friends which leads later into season three. The season ends with Doug Stamper unconscious in the woods, and our protagonist Francis Underwood becoming the President of the United States. Only fitting that Francis ends the final scene of season 2 with his legendary “knock, knock” on his desk.

Season three includes the beginning of 2014 and the Underwood legacy. Claire Underwood takes on politics as she tries to push for an increase of federal relations through the House of Representatives. Along with this, Francis lays the groundwork for his platform of unemployment in America. AmWorks, is the plan of Francis and his team as they plan to employ millions of Americans, (including Freddy as his BBQ joint closed). Also relations with Putin and Russia take a negative turn, as the marital conflict becomes the main problem with foreign relations. As Claire pushes for stricter foreign diplomacy, that is exactly what Francis promised Putin he would take a blind eye to. Thus arrives the marital conflict on the job of, does Francis become a husband in this situation or the President of the United States. Ultimately season three concludes with Claire leaving Francis, as undoubtedly the biggest cliffhanger of the show to date.

As to what season four will entail is beyond the grasp of any fan. It would be reasonable to assume Claire returns to Francis being he is the President. Along with this murder has been incorporated into every season so that is also a safe bet, just the victim is a toss up. Remy Danton will also have a key role in this season as he has underlying roles proving to be shockingly important to viewers in past seasons. Also, Cathy Durant will be one of Francis’s key role players this season, as it will entail his campaign for re-election in 2016. It is possible that the season could focus around the campaign and feature different attempts at bringing Francis down. Regardless, Francis J. Underwood will have an answer for anything and everything season four has to throw at him.