False presumptions

Story by Lois LeFors, Staff Writer

When one thinks Christian fiction, one usually imagines novels like that of C.S. Lewis, in which the plot line is directly paralleled with the life of Jesus Christ. Likewise, they may visualize some kind of daily devotional with breakdowns of biblical messages and instructions meant to assist people with their faith. People can envision Christians writing novels that tell cautionary tales, attempting to desperately warn individuals of the end times, or perhaps just simple cheesy little novels in which frivolous characters frolic about shouting “Jesus!” at the top of their lungs.

However, “A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers demolishes all false presumptions so frequently made about Christian fiction. This novel is a gorgeously written tale of faith, friendship, love and perseverance that is sure to have readers hooked from the first sentence.

“A Voice in the Wind” follows the life of a timid young Jewish girl named Hadassah. Following the destruction of her homeland Jerusalem, Hadassah finds herself stripped of just about everything and everyone she holds near to her heart. Helpless and utterly alone, she endures the brutal and dehumanizing conditions forced upon her by the ruthless Roman soldiers as she is sold into slavery and shipped straight into the heart of the capital of corruption, Rome itself.

In the midst of the chaos and tribulation surrounding her, Hadassah clings to her faith in Christ, in which she finds peace and solace. However, Hadassah struggles to keep her faith a secret whilst residing in a city that persecutes Christians by way of fire, lions, crosses and worse, all to entertain the bloodthirsty Roman mobs. But nevertheless, Hadassah’s peaceful and humble way of living is more than enough to draw the eye of the family of wealthy aristocrats that bought her under their wing to serve as a personal handmaiden for the master’s spirited daughter, Julia Valerian.

As the plot unfolds, Hadassah touches the hearts and opens the eyes of everyone she crosses paths with. Her abundant kindness, humility and patience affect those around her in countless ways, but none is more so affected than the young and handsome Lord Marcus Valerian. Marcus’s infatuation with the slave girl only grows stronger as time passes and Hadassah finds herself torn by her love for Marcus while he continues to lead a life of selfish indulgences and corruption.

As the Valerian family comes dangerously close to discovering Hadassah’s secret, Hadassah, led by a whispering voice in the wind, strengthens her faith and stands tall in the face of corruption, betrayal and persecution. This is an exhilarating tale that has readers on the edge of their seats throughout its entirety. With her ingenious compilation of romance, mystery, thrill and action, Francine Rivers will have you dying to know what happens next whilst making you fall deeply in love with her astoundingly raw and genuine characters. Trust me when I say you won’t regret picking up this page-turner.