A trip down the rabbit hole


Story by Greylyn Tidwell, staff writer

Texarkana College’s theatre program “Texrep” put on a play called “Down the Rabbit Hole.”

The play centered around a family who had lost their only child and how they had to go on and continue through life, despite the current events. An irresponsible sister became pregnant which further increased the pain. The boy who ran over their child tries to connect with the family, and the parents try to fix a now shattered marriage.

In my opinion, the actors successfully portrayed the feelings of grief, betrayal, exhaustion and key points of hope, as those who had just lost someone very dear to them. There were two actors however that stole the show.

Alex Rain, who played the husband Howie, did an excellent job in conveying the needs and desires of a husband with a less than stable wife. He showed the frustration and the hopelessness of a man being faced with an impossible situation and the desperation of looking for any way out.

The other talented soul, Wendi Evetts, played the pregnant sister Izzy, singlehandedly stole the show. Being able to hold the audience in the palm of your hand any time you speak is a difficult task, but she seemed to do this with ease. Having to be a sarcastic, exaggerating rebel, cracking a joke at any inappropriate time and truly living up to the task of being seen as a disappointment, was something very entertaining to see, and made the audience thirst for more.

Overall, the play was very well put together and the story was fun to follow along with, even though it was brushing through topics most people would rather stay silent about. It took a subject that is normally muted, and gave it the life that it actually has and deserves. Having the ability to do such a task puts the actors and the director in a well deserved light. It was a wonderful play and I cannot wait for the next one.