Offbrand holidays of September

Little known holidays spend another month being neglected

Story by Grey Johnson, staff writer


When people think of holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving, they’re only a select few out of many that come to mind. Holidays are about friends and family gathering together to celebrate something with meaning. Every holiday has meaning behind it, a reason to celebrate.

Labor Day seems to be the only known holiday in September, but there’s a lot more. No one seems to acknowledge or even know anything about some of the more absurd holidays. The holiday wasteland known as September cause days like Fight Procrastination Day on the 6th to fly under the radar.

“I have not heard of [Fight Procrastination Day] but I probably need to participate in it,” sophomore Andrew Reed said.

Fight Procrastination Day has a purpose which can be uncovered without too much effort.

“It’s a day where you don’t procrastinate,” Reed said. “You work.”

Swap Ideas Day on Sept. 10, is one of the holidays that has to stay in Labor Day’s shadow. As a consequence, the purpose is unclear to the general population.

“I feel like you just come up with a bunch of ideas and you take someone else’s,” junior Cameron Maynard said.

Most students agreed that this day condones plagiarism. Swap Ideas Day is actually about connecting with friends and family by collaborating and sharing your ideas.

Collect Rocks Day is another little-known holiday that falls on Sept. 16. Students were headed in the right direction about what festivities  Collect Rocks Day would hold.

“You collect rocks and keep them for years and years,” freshman Tomiyah Collier said.

Collect Rocks Day encourages people to learn more about geology and pick up a beautiful stone or two. There’s one more holiday very people have heard about. Have you ever heard of Ask A Stupid Question Day?

The students came to to the same conclusion about the meaning behind Ask A Stupid Question Day.

“You’re asking a stupid question you already know the answer to,” Reed said.

Ask A Stupid Question Day is about persuading people to overcome their general fear of speaking up because of how others will react to their question. The holiday was first conceived when teachers saw that their students weren’t asking questions due to the fear of sounding unintelligent. There’s only one way to celebrate this holiday and do it justice at the same time.

“I’m gonna ask all the stupid questions I can,” Collier said.

Collect Rocks Day, Fight Procrastination Day, Swap Ideas Day and Ask A Stupid Question Day all go unnoticed by the general population. Some of these days are really meaningful and need some appreciation. So next time you look at a calendar, look for one of these weird holidays and you just might be surprised at what you’ll find.