Netflix needs to chill

Story by Autumn Golden, staff writer

School breaks mean watching nine seasons of a show on Netflix. Binge watching drama TV and classic movies has become such a huge part of teen culture. Each month, new shows are added and removed from Netflix. This month, however, has left many Netflix fans debating whether or not to keep the viewing platform after the October monthly removal.

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is a teen drama about a group of friends as they navigate high school and five years later as they manage life as adults. Half brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott bond and brawl on and off the basketball court with each other and their friends. A five year jump into the future shows being an adult isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, and you will always find your way back home. From 2003-2012, this show has hit home with many viewers by dealing with issues such as teen marriage and pregnancy, school shootings and drug addiction. One Tree Hill left Netflix on Oct 1.

Friday Night Lights

High school football is the biggest part of Texas culture that brings everyone in the community together. Friday Night Lights is a show that does just that and was taken off Netflix on Oct 1. A high school football coach is tansy’s with the challenge of turning an underdog team into champions while his wife is the principle. Classic quotes like “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” and many others stem from this heartwarming show for all ages. Friday Night Lights.


Released in 1999, this epic dramatic telling of the 1912 shipwreck has been an iconic movie for all ages. Titanic adds a realistic feel to the tragic event. It’s one thing to hear a story about the even or watch a documentary showing simulations of how the ship sank, but to watch the reality of a heartbreaking event causing thousands to lose their lives is another topic. This movie was the first film to gross one billion dollars and was removed from Netflix on Oct 1.

Picture This

This movie starring Ashley Tisdale and Robbie Amell was withdrawn on Oct 1. Picture This captures the struggle of a teen girl trying to sneak out of the house to go to a party hosted by her crush. Tisdale portrays a shy teen girl who gets a makeover on her birthday with a crush on the popular football player. The storyline is applicable to all teens who have felt less than or not good enough in the eyes of their peers, and have wanted to change.

Family Guy

With satirical humor about every issue under the sun, Family Guy is a classic show about a dysfunctional family living in Quahog, Rhode Island. At the beginning of each episode, the father, Peter Griffin, does something laughable which causes a domino effect for the duration of the show. This show is filled with pop culture references, crude humor and underlying messages that would be missed by simple viewing. After first airing in 1999, Family Guy is the seventh longest scripted primetime TV show and will be removed from Netflix on Oct 29.