Chicken, sweet tea and the competition of consumers


Photo by Dawson Kelley

Story by Jackson Cheney, staff writer

Texarkana- right on the border of country and more country. The south runs on fried chicken and sweet tea, and it has taken over Texarkana. People began to gather their opinions about which place is best and many are very passionate about them. Discussions began to arise, which turned into arguments, which evolved into debates: what is the best fast food chicken in Texarkana?

The top three fast food chicken joints in Texarkana, according to a poll taken by high school students are Raising Cane’s, Slim Chicken and Chick Fil A. Ever since Cane’s and Slim Chickens have been introduced, the fast food that keeps Texarkana running was brought to a new level. The competition increased and favorites among peers diversified. Each restaurant does it differently; how broad the menu is, the sides offered, etc.

Many factors go into making the “best” chicken experience. After a small poll, this is what was concluded. You need crisp, warm chicken, the right fries, a manageable price, and of course, the perfect sauce.

Cane’s has become one of the most popular stops in Texarkana since it was built and for good reason. Though it has a simple menu, with sides only consisting of toast, fries and coleslaw, it excels at what the restaurant makes. The fries are crinkle-cut and are cooked to perfection. The toast is extra buttery and thick and the coleslaw is good but is often replaced by an extra bread. Last but not least is the sauce. It is what makes Cane’s stand out from the rest; the sauce adds to the chicken and fries immensely.

“The chicken, the fries, and the sauce; that combo can’t be beat,” sophomore Landon Davis said. “The toast is amazing as well. Everything that comes in that box is perfect. If I had to eat there for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.”

Slim Chickens, another slightly new fast food joint, has one location on State Line and brings customers from either side of town. The two main points that make this chicken that stand out from the rest is the diverse menu and its special sauce. Generally, you don’t see foods like chicken and waffles at a fast food restaurant. This is available along with wings, sandwiches and specialty made wraps. The sauce here is also famed by many people, like Cane’s.

“I like their hot wings,” sophomore Eric Poe says. “I like the chicken too but the wings are my favorite. It’s better than the others because of the different stuff they have.”

Next is Chick Fil A, a pioneer poultry restaurant in Texarkana and arguably the most widely appreciated across all ages. From the perfectly cooked chicken nuggets and Chickn Minis for breakfast, to a freshly made salad and some of the best ice cream ever, it has made its name among children, teens and adults. Chick-Fil-A provides food for every meal of the day and has enough variety to keep you wanting to go back.

“It has the best chicken nuggets,” freshman Zane Dodson said. “They are crispy and the sauce is the best sauce ever. And the fries are so good. I mean it’s just the best, there’s no question.”

Now, the results. The poll was from 80 high school students, across different schools. Slim chickens won with 32 votes, Chick-Fil-A with 29 votes, and Canes with 19. Though everyone will still have their own opinions, the question was answered: Slims is the most popular choice in Texarkana.