Getting a head start on Black Friday shopping

Story by Katie Biggar, staff writer

Where should you drop some cash this Black Friday based off your passion for shopping? Find out by taking this quiz.

What kind of environment do you thrive in when Christmas shopping for your friends and family?

  1. Chaos. Complete chaos puts me in the zone and inspires me to get the job done
  2. A quiet, calm and small store helps me organize my thoughts (and coupons) to get the bang for my buck
  3. I like the rush of the holiday spirit but nothing too crazy
  4. Catch me taking advantage of Cyber Monday in the comfort of my bed

What time will you end up heading home after shopping on Black Friday?

  1. I’ll go home when all of the store close on Friday, basically I’ll be running on coffee and yesterday’s Thanksgiving Turkey
  2. I’m normally home around 1 a.m., nothing too bizarre
  3. 3 a.m. seems like a respectable time to head home.
  4. I’ll be staying home with my family enjoying too much pie and making fun of everyone out on Black Friday

What are the main items you’ll be purchasing this year?

  1. Anything on sale really, if it’s a discount I’ll swipe my card
  2. I’m on the hunt for a few clothing pieces and maybe a Fitbit
  3. I’m hoping to get my hands on a new TV
  4. I plan to buy some household essentials the Monday once the crazies have gone home

What fashion trends are your favorite?

  1. Denim everything
  2. Bell bottom jeans
  3. Kendra Scott drusy
  4. Graphic t-shirts

You only have time to grab one last item, what is it?

  1. Piece of clothing
  2. Gift card
  3. A Laptop
  4. Eh, I’ll go home early

Do you consider Black Friday to be a real holiday?

  1. Is this even a real question, of course it is.
  2. That might be a bit of a stretch.
  3. I think so, I really look forward to it.
  4. That’s ridiculous. No.

How big of sale would there have to be to get you to splurge on Black Friday?

  1. I’ll splurge without a sale, it’s a once a year thing.
  2. 50% off could make me do anything.
  3. I only need about 20% off to make drop some cash. This money is burning a hole in my pocket.
  4. The whole store would need to be $1 and under for me to spend my hard earned money at the crack of dawn.

If you answered with mostly 1’s:

The best place for you to drain your bank account this year is none other than Dillard’s. With the chaotic aroma everywhere you look, the busiest would have to be Dillard’s. The price is right for you to shop until you drop.

If you answered with mostly 2’s:

Old Navy is the perfect place for you to spend your Black Friday. With incredible sales and a comfortable environment, Old Navy seems like the perfect place for you to get your shopping done. Make sure to stock up on coupons by signing up for their email notifications.

If you answered with mostly 3’s:

Since you’re into the more mainstream items this year, head to Target with the rest of the teenagers who just want to be out past midnight. Target is having great deals on electronics and it would be smart for you to get in line early before they sell out.

If you answered with mostly 4’s:

Go ahead and sleep in on Friday since shopping is obviously not your forte. Amazon would be an excellent option for a homebody like yourself. Grab a cup of coffee, your credit card and shop in bed all day!

Get started early!