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Up in the hair

Up in the hair

March 14, 2020

Pollen has started to fall, the little flowers that sprinkle the ground are sprouting and afternoon thunderstorms are beginning to roll in. It’s early spring, and with the cold weather rolling out, it’s time to roll in the bright color palettes that make up a spring wardrobe. With Target, Kitsch,...

Real price of beauty

Real price of beauty

March 6, 2020

Over the last few years, the beauty industry has been growing continuously thanks to influencer brands and corporations like Kylie Cosmetics, Morphe, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. When influencers like Jeffree Star, Tati, or Nikkie Tutorials started to revolutionize social media platforms, those brands q...

Graphic by Margaret Debenport

The future of fashion

February 27, 2020

Models strut down the runway, making history as they debut the fashions of the future. Like most things in high fashion that simply don’t make sense, collections that debut in the fall are meant to be worn in the spring, and vice versa. This leaves time for fast fashion brands to mimic the trends set ...

graphic by Peyton Sims

Passion for fashion

March 7, 2019

Fashion trends come and go, and as we embark into a new year, people are becoming interested in new clothing combinations. However, it can be quite difficult to put together an outfit that you’re pleased with, and trends can simply be too difficult to keep up with. Considering we’re not far into the year, ...

Graphic by Victoria Van

The kick that fits

March 5, 2019

Nike and Adidas have been competitors since what feels like the beginning of time. Both brands have proved to be worth every penny in the quality and durability they're made with. Billions of people all across the world wear clothing that appeals to the masses of where they're at. In fact, Adidas see...

Graphic by Holland Rainwater

Fashion trend sweeps school

February 27, 2019

She wakes up and jumps to her feet with fifteen minutes to spare. After staying up all night studying, she definitely doesn’t have time for a shower, much less the process of wiggling into jeans or applying makeup. With a few sprays of dry shampoo, it’s out the door and headed to class. Athleis...

Shopping the web

Shopping the web

September 28, 2018

The world is constantly moving at a high speed: fast vehicles, fast interwebs, fast news. But what’s even better is a fast delivery of the things you desire such as clothes, shoes, makeup and even groceries. Some shopping businesses are exclusive online such as Romwe and Shein. Those two sites in parti...

Juniors Faith West, Emily Stroud and Anna Grace Jones show off their tacky T-shirts in time for the new school year. School will begin on Aug. 15.

Back to school style inspiration

August 14, 2018

As the school year goes on, your closet begins to be strung thin. It’s easy to surrender to the T-shirt and leggings look, but you don’t have sacrifice looking your best for convenience. Here are a few trends that are cute, comfortable and dress code friendly that will help you feel and look you...

Getting a head start on Black Friday shopping

Getting a head start on Black Friday shopping

November 17, 2017

Where should you drop some cash this Black Friday based off your passion for shopping? Find out by taking this quiz. What kind of environment do you thrive in when Christmas shopping for your friends and family? Chaos. Complete chaos puts me in the zone and inspires me to get the job done ...

'No Shave November'

‘No Shave November’

November 13, 2017

There are many events taking place in the month of November, one of the most common one is “No Shave November.” The way to achieve this accomplishment is to not shave throughout the whole month of November. The whole month of November has been made a holiday and an awareness month. Believe it or not, No S...

Fall trends

Fall trends

November 2, 2017

Fall brings about the familiar feelings of warmth, nostalgia, fuzzy socks and all things pumpkin spice. It also brings about the introduction of new products to the market that gather the sense of the season in taste, feel and smells. These five products products range from skincare to candles and make...

A 'breathtaking' trend

A ‘breathtaking’ trend

September 25, 2017

From car paint, T-shirts and music taste to hobbies, art forms and food, personal expression comes in many forms. Sometimes, it comes wrapped around your neck. Chokers are an old trend resurfacing on the pop culture scene. This new, trendy jewelry comes in many colors, shapes and varieties that suit ...

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