‘No Shave November’

A creative avenue for supporting cancer awareness

Story by Matthew Martin, staff writer

There are many events taking place in the month of November, one of the most common one is “No Shave November.” The way to achieve this accomplishment is to not shave throughout the whole month of November.

The whole month of November has been made a holiday and an awareness month. Believe it or not, No Shave November is supporting Leukemia patients. Its intentions are on making people that usually spend money on getting their hair professionally groomed or shaved, fund towards cancer donations. Here’s a link for donations.

Many students around the school are participating in this act, taking the time to let their facial and various other body hair grow.

“I think it’s fun– a fun way not to shave,” junior Cameron Maynard said. “It’s just really fun to mess around with and do. Ever since I just needed to start shaving, November rolls around and I’ll stop shaving. I’m doing it as a yearly thing.”

Participating in No Shave November requires commitment as students wait through the whole month just to prove their masculinity. Some students will actually accomplish this task and shave immediately after while some just leave their hair.

Many men participate in this activity but woman can also take place in this competition as well. They allow their leg and arm hair to grow to challenge societal norms of traditional grooming. No Shave November is not just intended for men since everyone has hair follicles– everyone can enjoy this eventful month.