What kind of pie are you?


Illustration by Victoria Van

Story by Lois LeFors, news editor

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and when they say eyes, they really mean something much deeper and all-encompassing: pie. During Thanksgiving, thousands of Americans join hands and feast together to reflect on what they are most thankful for, whether it be friends, faith, or food. Take this insightful quiz to uncover what traditional Thanksgiving pie you relate to most, and in the process you might just unveil the inner workings of your soul.

1) What are you most likely to be found doing on a Friday night?
A) partying hard
B) doing homework
C) sleeping
D) reading poetry
E) working out
F) hunting/fishing

2) What hashtag are you most likely to use?
B) #onthegrind
C) #ohwell#regret
D) #aesthetic
E) #gains#swole
F) #kuntry

3) What quote is most likely to be in your Instagram bio?
A) “live life to the fullest”
B) “work hard play hard”
C) “workin’ hard or hardly workin'”
D) “we’re all dreamers, wanting to be completely out of touch with reality”
E) “I may not be where I want to be, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”
F) “sc: @deerslayer47”

4) What word is most likely to be in your vocabulary the most?
A) fake
B) regret
C) same
D) me
E) grind
F) bro

5) What is the number one trait you look for in a significant other?
A) a sense of humor
B) a sharp intellect
C) a good listener
D) good taste in music
E) fit and healthy
F) someone who likes the outdoors

6) What kind of sauce do you normally get at Chick-Fil-A?
A) Chick-Fi-La sauce
B) ketchup
C) ranch
D) Polynesian
E) no sauce
F) honey mustard

7) what’s your favorite drink?
A) Dr. Pepper
B) coffee
C) chocolate milk
D) tea
E) Gatorade
F) sweet tea

8) if someone broke into your house, what would your initial reaction be ?
A) scream and run in circles
B) call 911
C) hide
D) freeze
E) try to beat them up
F) get your gun

9) if you saw people going into a building with a sign on it that says “Danger! Keep out” what would you think?
A) “sweet, they’re hardcore”
B) “what a bunch of idiots”
C) “that doesn’t seem like a very good idea”
D) “I bet they have some inner turmoil they are trying to work through”
E) “that looks fun”
F) “Alright, let’s go! I’m gonna call my buddies”

10) if you saw someone drowning, what would you do?
A) not realize they are drowning, and think to yourself “what a beautiful day to go swimming”
B) get a long pole and offer it to them to pull them in
C) call 911
D) scream for help
E) heroically dive in to save them
F) have your dog go retrieve them

11) What kind of movies do you normally watch?
A) Romantic Comedies
B) Psychological movies
C) Comedies
D) Romances
E) Action Adventure
F) Westerns

If you have mostly A’s:
You are a cherry pie. You are more of a happy-go-lucky type, and you mostly just go with the flow. You tend to really care what people think about you, however you are outgoing and very fun to be around when you feel comfortable.

If you have mostly B’s:
You are a pumpkin pie. You are a go-getter and known for being fast-paced and quick to catch onto things. You are very studious, high-strung, almost always stressed, and tend to come off as a bit of a know-it-all at times. However, your close friends know that you have the best intentions and always give the best advice.

If you have mostly C’s:
You are a instant-pudding-pie. You are very easy-going and laid-back. You can converse easily with people when you want to but sometimes choose to keep to yourself. You are known for your sarcasm and your tendency to come off as mean, but once people get to know you they learnt to love you and appreciate your humor and mannerisms.

If you have mostly D’s:
You are a chocolate pecan pie. You dress well and are known for being very well-read. You tend to be insecure and overly-harsh on yourself, but when it comes to other people you are kind, understanding and uplifting. You may not talk a lot, but when you do your words are very well thought out. You may come off as shy at first, but once people get to know you better they know that you are sweet, compassionate, quirky and a total nerd.

If you have mostly E’s:
You are a lemon meringue pie. You are a bit of a health freak and may be slightly narcissistic. You smile with your teeth and are known for always being willing to help people out. You have good intentions, laugh often, and are very protective of the people you love.

If you have mostly F’s:
You are an apple pie. You are very outdoorsy and tend to always want to fix things. You are independent, intelligent and don’t like to ask for help. You are a go-getter and not much for small talk. You are loving, kind, and strong-willed, even if you are pretty stubborn at times.