Conspiracy or prophecy? Dethroning the King of Pop

Do allegations against Michael Jackson foreshadow Hollywood today?


Photo by Victoria Van

Story by Maddie Anderson, staff writer

Michael Jackson, or the “King of Pop,” has been adored by thousands worldwide. His music is forever ingrained into American culture, yet the beloved singer could not avoid scandal.

Jackson met 13-year-old Jordie Chandler in May of 1992, when Jordie and his mother come out to meet their favorite singer. Jackson immediately felt an affinity toward Jordie, and it wasn’t long before Jackson and Jordie began spending more time together, even having regular sleepovers. The two became so close that Jordie’s family became known as “Michael’s New Adopted Family.”

When Jackson and Jordie first began their friendship, Evan Chandler, Jordie’s father, bragged to anyone that would listen about the connection, and he even accepted the very expensive gifts from the star. It was only after Jordie became very distant and withdrawn from his father that Chandler became concerned. Chandler directly asked Jackson, who was 35 at the time, about his son’s sexual relationship with him, to which Jackson only said that Jordie was “cosmic.”

The perception of Jackson gradually changed over the decades, all starting with an innocent dentist visit where Evan Chandler was removing a tooth from his son. Under the influence of sodium amytal, a barbiturate known for “truth serum” properties, Chandler asked Jordie, his son, the nature of his relationship with Michael Jackson.

Despite his son’s own confession to being molested, Chandler did not go to the authorities. Instead, he went directly to Jackson’s lawyers and demanded $20 million dollars in exchange for his silence regarding the sexual assault allegations, to which Jackson refused. After weeks of negotiations, Chandler finally took his son to see Dr. Mathis Abrams, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist,and told Abrams that Jordie had been molested, knowing that Abrams was legally bound to report it to the authorities.

Jordie was taken to be interviewed, where he admitted that his relationship with  Jackson had been sexual for months. On August 23, the Los Angeles Police Department raided Neverland, Jackson’s ranch, and the media broadcast the news on over 70 channels.

Under the influence of sodium amytal, a barbiturate known for “truth serum” properties, Chandler asked Jordie, his son, the nature of his relationship with Michael Jackson.”

— Anderson

Despite tireless efforts of Chandler, there were no other witnesses beside Jordie willing to come forward. Additionally, the only evidence his lawyers had was a partially correct description of a nude Jackson. On Jan. 25, 1994, Jackson agreed to pay the $20 million to Jordie as settlement but did not give an admission of guilt. Police dropped the investigation, citing a lack of evidence to convict Jackson of criminal charges.

Michael Jackson’s scandals involving pedophilia and crimes against children have never ceased to circulate the media and still remain a deep, dark Hollywood secret. The iconic superstar was not who we see him as. We cannot negate these accusations, even if he is the “King of Pop.” We must, however, view each accusations with some hesitance, as none have ever been proven.

Regardless of innocence or guilt, these scandals continue to tarnish Jackson’s memory and make children and parents alike see him in a less innocent light. In light of recent events in Hollywood today, I find myself asking if these accusations against Jackson were foretelling of the sexual assault claims against Hollywood stars today.

So, who is guilty and who is innocent? Next time you open up a tabloid magazine to read about what your heroes have contributed to society, remember that they are not always what they seem to be. There may be some hidden truth lurking behind the legend.