‘Star Wars The Last Jedi’ review


Photo by mct campus

Story by Joseph Rodgers, news editor

Luke Skywalker’s words in “The Last Jedi”  trailer summed up the movie perfectly. Plot twists and unexpected events shape this film to be the best Star Wars film in history, even better than “The Empire Strikes Back.” This movie is a good one to avoid spoilers for, so you have been warned. Spoilers ahead.

The film begins immediately where The Force Awakens ends. Naturally, the First Order, a new organization formed from the ashes of the Galactic Empire, attacks the Resistance, formed from the Rebel Alliance to fight the new imperialistic First Order, headquarters on the planet of D’Qar in retaliation for the destruction of Starkiller Base, a weapon of the First Order that could destroy entire star systems. The Resistance is attempting to flee the system but unable due to the presence of a First Order Dreadnaught.

The movie is filled with epic space battles from the very first scene and a rising tension that was previously exclusive to “The Empire Strikes Back.” Hints of humor and beautiful imagery of  the planets Ahch-To, Crait and Canto Bight remind Star Wars fans of the originals they love. The plot is a bit diverted at times, but the dialogue between Rey and Kylo Ren drive the film until its completion.

Character development was a major strength and one of the few weaknesses of the film. Rey and Kylo Ren saw the most development with key questions being dismissed as unimportant. However, the connection these two manifested is unlike anything ever seen in canon Star Wars. Luke Skywalker was portrayed much like Yoda was (who appears in the film by the way): an old hermit who went into exile to die and who disconnected himself from the Force only to be swayed back into the fray by a dire situation and youthful determination.

“The Last Jedi” was the most anticipated film of the year and rightly so. It is a must-see for all Star Wars fans and maybe even the best Star Wars film yet.”

— Joseph Rodgers

Leia and Poe Dameron were other drivers of the film and were much more than present. They both were core elements across many plots unlike their role in “The Force Awakens.” Finn and Rose, however, seemed to be in a weak portion of the plot that diverted the audience from Luke, Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe and Leia. Their characters were not as developed as the others, and their final identities are still not yet hinted at or reached.

The film was not a reprisal of the plot of the “The Empire Strikes Back,” which was enjoyable and desired. The crescendoing tension of the film united every Star Wars fanatic in the room, and every fan was destroyed to what they knew about Star Wars and built back up again.

Another unique quality of the film were many themes that were explored like never before in a Star Wars movie: the Light vs the Darkness, hope, where you came from, what you can be, the profiteers of war, and the victims of greed. The Resistance and the child slaves on Canto Bight both symbolize a real-world underdog, a character almost everyone can relate to. Through this symbolization, Star Wars really explores the real world like never before.

In summary, “The Last Jedi” was the most anticipated film of the year and rightly so. It is a must-see for all Star Wars fans and maybe even the best Star Wars film yet. Rating: 4.8/5