A day for the girls

What makes Galentine’s Day great

Story by Kaitlyn Gordon, staff writer

It’s February, and everyone around you is going on about their plans for Valentine’s Day. They talk about their significant others and how they just can’t wait for Feb. 14. However, you’re all forgetting the most spectacular day of the year: Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s is the one day of the year meant for you and all of your gals to leave your boyfriends behind, join together for breakfast food and have fun times.

Here’s how to have the absolute perfect Galentine’s Day party:

Get decorative

Obviously all of you will want to post pictures on Instagram of the party, so you’ll need to have the cutest decor. Pink and gold are go-to colors when decorating. I recommend buying some cheap but super cute banners that say things like “Galentine’s Day” or anything else you please. You can buy decorations from Target’s dollar section or any craft store like Hobby Lobby. Buying balloons, filling them with confetti and making a photo backdrop with gold, metallic streamers adds a personal touch to the party.

Yummy food is necessary

Of course, any good time requires food, but this party needs the best food: breakfast food. So, break out your waffle maker and get to cooking. Try laying out a waffle bar with whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate chips and more toppings. Want to have more food than just waffles? Cut up some strawberries and watermelon into heart shapes and throw them all in a bowl together. Finally, for drinks, personalize mason jars by putting each girl’s name on the glass and fill them with either strawberry or chocolate milk.

Treat your gals

Giving cute gifts to your best friends will make you happier than anything else; I promise. Candles, bath bombs and candy are always the way to go as they never disappoint. If you’re going to be even more “extra,” you can get each of them different, personalized gifts with cards filled with cute Galentine’s puns. To top off your adorable gifts, put them in plain bags, stamp pink and red hearts on them and add ribbon.


Nothing is better than snuggling up with all of your best gals and watching romantic comedies. My favorites are “Clueless,” any of the “Pitch Perfect” movies and “13 Going On 30.” Go find your favorites, grab fuzzy blankets and watch them all together. If you can’t find a movie that sounds good, how about grabbing some games to play? Games like “Just Dance” or “Twister” are my personal favorites.

This time of the year it can become really easy to forget about all of your girls that are there for you when your significant others are not, so having Galentine’s day–a day full of breakfast food, laughs, and your best gals–set aside to celebrate your friendships is exactly what you all need.