Is poetry making a comeback?

An old art form that will not be forgotten


Photo by Angela Valle

Story by Greylyn Tidwell, staff writer

Old Shakespearean poets use big words that are difficult to understand. They sit together and say weird, difficult words to convey relatively simple ideas. Old women sit, writing with large feather quills, drinking tea and talking in rhyme. When people start talking about poetry, this is generally what pops into their heads. Poetry has been seen by many as an intimidating, lost art. However, people have recently been picking poetry up again and using it to  express themselves.

People probably wonder why poetry started to slip away in the first place, and the best conclusion seems to be that it just became too difficult. Our language and use of words started to deteriorate, and as a result, we were no longer able to understand what some poems meant. We started seeing them in our classrooms, being forced to write them and find deeper meanings to things that we could not see. This caused a dislike for the art, which is why we get the images of old people in our minds when it comes to poetry.

Lately, however, many young adults have taken toward reading poetry books and writing a little of their own. It is an older, creative outlet that’s reshaping itself from what people used to see.

Individuals are experimenting with poetry in many different ways. Some are making poetry journals and trying to write a poem a day. Others may just write a couple of poems and try to get them into school publications, such as Texas High’s literary art magazine. These writings can range from how people feel to just describing little instances in life. People are becoming more attracted to poetry since it has such a range of creative options.

Lately, however, many young adults have taken toward reading poetry books and writing a little of their own.”

— Tidwell

Unlike other forms of letting your creativity flow, poetry doesn’t require you to do anything but sit and write. It does not require talent. People can always judge a certain choice of words you use, but poetry is largely an art of self and the way you see things. This is the main reason people are falling back in love with the art.

One of the most popular forms of poetry is books. Books like “Milk and Honey,” “Love Her Wild” and “The Princess Saves Herself In This One” are some examples of those leading in the poetry industry. Analog De Leon is one of the most well-known authors in the business and is the writer of the very popular book, “Vertigo.” He is one of the primary voices showing people how to experience poetry and fall in love with it. Leon is opening doors for younger generations to learn the beauty and creativity that poetry can bring.

Poetry is becoming something that people are using again, an old way to express new feelings. It is coming back new and improved for everyone willing to give it a chance. All it takes is a ready mind and something to write with.