Blast to the past

80s movies that made the film industry iconic

Story by Emilee Slayton, staff writer

The 80s was an intriguing era. Big hair. Bright makeup. Strange clothes. The most interesting part of this time were the movies. Movies from the 80s exemplify this time period by amazing soundtracks and a great storyline. They impacted me in many ways from a treasure hunt with friends, to intergalactic space battles. Not only do the 80s have such a variety of movies of all time, but it contains the best iconic movies that you can sit down and enjoy.

“The Goonies” made in 1985, not only has an amazing sense of humour but also has mystery tied into it. “The Goonies” is about two brothers named Mikey and Brand Walsh. They are about to lose their home due to its foreclosure. Desperate to figure out a way to be able to keep the home they grew up in, they find a treasure map that could lead them to a pirates treasure. While they are searching for the treasure in their ocean breeze town in Oregon, criminals along the way are trying to get to the treasure first.

I loved “The Goonies” as a kid, and I even went on vacation to where they actually filmed the movie in Oregon. Watching the movie is nostalgic and makes me want to go back to Oregon. This movie is not only an awesome story to watch as a kid, but it’s also a feel good movie that brings you lots of joy at the end of the film.

Not only does this movie have an amazing soundtrack, new characters, awesome battles, but it even has one of the most plot twisting reveals of all movie history.”

— Emilee Slayton

“The Empire Strikes Back” was made in 1980 and is the sequel to the “Star Wars” franchise. After the Rebels got a huge win from the first movie (“A New Hope”) knowing the Empire would track them down, the rebels hide on a freezing planet. Luke Skywalker meets a new character named Yoda, who shows him the ways of the force. The rebellious pilot Hans Solo and space princess Leia journey until they get caught into a trap by the notorious villain, Darth Vader. Not only does this movie have an amazing soundtrack, new characters, awesome battles, but it even has one of the most plot twisting reveals of all movie history.

I grew up watching this franchise because my older brother and step dad were huge nerds. I didn’t fully jump onto the “Star Wars” franchise until I was in middle school, but I will never forget the first time I watched “The Empire Strikes Back” and the emotional rollercoaster that accompanied my feelings. So, if you are feeling extra nerdy one day, go ahead and binge watch the cinematic masterpieces.

“Back To The Future” made in 1985 is another science fiction film that won over the hearts of nerds and instantly became a classic. Marty McFly is the main protagonist who time traveled 30 years into the past because of a crazy experiment done by his friend Doc Brown who is a lunatic scientist. While McFly is in the 50s, he has to make his parents fall in love or else he will of never be born. I love this movie overall because it’s fast paced but it still gives you all the content you expect to get out of it. This movie is what made my childhood creative and made me oddly think deeply about time travel. I still watch this movie and still quote my favorite lines of this movie every time I watch it. If you are interested in anything 80s and sci-fi, this is a movie that you should watch.

“Ferris Bueller’s’ Day Off” made in 1986 is a comedy that has been a classic since it came out. Not only does this movie have iconic lines and comedy gold, it’s what every teenager in the 80s wish they could do if they had a day off from school. Ferris Bueller is the king of acting and tricks his parents into letting him stay home from school. The movie takes us through his whole day of doing funny stunts with his friends and avoiding his principle,who grows increasingly suspicious that he is not sick.

The humor in this movie doesn’t throw jokes in your face and shows every reason why it’s okay to enjoy your life and not be on edge about everything. I would love to have a day like Bueller’s and go explore the city with my friends and somehow not get in any trouble at the end of the day.

“The Shining” made in 1980 is by far my favorite movie of all time. Based on Stephen King’s novel, it is a psychological horror movie about a guy named Jack Torrance who becomes a caretaker and stays at an isolated hotel with his wife and son in the cold winter of Colorado. The chilling secrets of the hotel turns Jack into a homicidal maniac and he tries to terrorize his family. For a horror movie in the 80s, you basically just need to have a psycho killer and a model trying to run away from them.

Movies from the 80s deserve a lot of praise even if the graphics look cheesy and the clothes might be cringy.”

— Emilee Slayton

This movie surpassed the traditional expectations of horror movies and was a fine example of how the unique cinematography captured the isolation of the hotel. I never watched this movie as a kid, cause you know, it’s a scary movie. As I got older, I started getting more interested with horror. “The Shining” still makes me bite my nails from start to end, and that is why it is one of my all time favorite movies. So, if you’re tired of the all the other cliche horror films that have sparked your interest then “The Shining” is the movie for you.

There are even more movies that have made the 80s an iconic time including “The Breakfast Club,” “Beetlejuice,” “E.T,” etc. that have been everyone’s favorite movies as well. Movies from the 80s deserve a lot of praise even if the graphics look cheesy and the clothes might be cringy. The story that lies within all these movies is what makes each and every one special to me and to other people. So get out your leg warmers and sweatbands, make some popcorn and enjoy the greatest era of the film industry.