Huddling together

Friendly communities can share their problems within the Huddle app

Story by Matthew Martin, staff writer

Thanks to the developers of Huddle Labs Inc., people are able to associate with their preferred community, whether it’s based on sexual orientation, comedic view or any type of disorder support group. On this app, you can express your feelings or talk about the troubles you are going through.

“Life can be difficult, sharing your thoughts shouldn’t be,” Huddle Labs said. “Huddle allows you to share your story without risk of judgement in a comfortable space that lets you be as anonymous as you’d like. Friends will hear you and support you — the real you.”

The purpose of this app is to talk with other people dealing with the same problem and try to work through it together.

Popular users of the app are in the LGBTQIA community, but the involvement doesn’t stop there. There are multiple people to communicate with and many problems to discuss. Of course, coming out is a huge step for some people, and this app is one way to help them feel more confident about their obstacles at the moment.

There are many other obstacles that some may face regarding the LGBTQIA community. Issues such as depression, body image, sexuality, physical disability, self harm and hundreds more have been a source for many to vent using this app. People who use Huddle deal with these problems, and it allows you to help them and view their stories.

On this app, you can express your feelings or talk about the troubles you are going through.

— Martin

This app helps people through many of their problems, and the study of psychology says moral support is very important.

According to Fast Company’s comment on the Huddle app, this app has made people more comfortable and open to strangers that share their same problems. Huddle has affected people’s view of social media, changing their phone from a negative place into a positive one.  

It can be difficult to talk to people, especially if it’s personal, but these people have experienced the same situation a lot of people are in and can help them deal with it in multiple ways.

Huddle deals with actual problems and can possibly even solve them. The app has not solved my problems (as no app truly can), but does help calm them and makes me feel more comfortable knowing I’m not alone.