Podcasts quickly rising in popularity

There’s a podcast for anyone and everyone


Photo by Victoria Van


Story by Maddie Gerald, staff writer

In case you weren’t aware of their rising popularity, podcasts have became their own form of popular media especially with students. The advancement of podcasts has led to the surge of well-informed teens around the country. They listen in on opinions on current events as they happen, hearing real-time opinions and human voices weighing in.

Podcasts are extremely addictive and are becoming all the rave for the drive to school or on long road trips. No matter the genre of podcast, they all address real-time situations that provide their listeners with different perspectives on the issues.

These podcasts are the top ones right now that not only focus on these issues, but that provide entertainment for lovers of true crime, history and comedy.

POLITICS: For the left, the best political podcast that tackles the issues during the Trump era is “Pod Save America.” Hosted by former staff members under the Obama administration, they attack the issues and always ask the question, “What can we do to help?” For the right wing, Ben Shapiro’s podcast, “The Ben Shapiro Show” broadcasts a modern view of republicanism and is centered towards the younger members of the party. He is by no means a moderate, but understands the meaning behind the Republican party is up for grabs.

TRUE CRIME: The podcast “Serial” is what initially jump started the popularity of podcasts and the first season explored the homicide of a woman in Maryland whose boyfriend was convicted of her murder. The second season focused on a American soldier who was held by the Taliban for five years, then charged for desertion. Another true crime podcasts that also incorporates elements of the supernatural is “And That’s Why We Drink” hosted by Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer who tell stories of both genres each episode.

COMEDY: One of the top charting comedy podcasts that encapsulates humor of the modern era is “My Brother, My Brother and Me.” This show features three brothers who answer questions from their fans or questions on Yahoo! Answers with hilariously terrible advice. A comedy podcast that breaks up the boys club of stand up is “Lady to Lady.” Tess Barker, Barbara Gray, and Brandie Posey discuss everything from pop culture, current events to their own lives and developed by three women who share a genuine friendship and honest humor.

ENTERTAINMENT: A random podcast that shockingly is all the buzz right now is “Potterless,” hosted by a man who is reading the Harry Potter series for the first time in his 20s as he hilariously discusses the plot holes and rants about various the novels. Another entertaining listen is “Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know.” Discussing any supernatural events or conspiracies that occured in history, this podcast explores things that can’t be explained by any history book or news channel.

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