Ways to go zero waste

Keep the earth spinning right round


Photo by Victoria Van

Story by Victoria Van , entertainment editor

Seventy five million trees could be saved if the daily New York Times were recycled. Over 1 million plastic bottles are floating in the ocean. These numbers are a testament to how we’ve been treating our planet. In honor of yesterday’s Earth Day, pave the way for a waste-free and eco-friendly environment by switching to these alternatives for everyday items and help preserve our earth.

Refillable water bottle

You can use this bottle for all liquids whether the material is stainless steel, recycled plastic, etc. Just make sure the bottle is sustainable to get the most usage out of it. So, ditch the Starbucks disposable or plastic water bottle and enjoy sipping out of a bottle that will last you a lifetime.

Water filter

Brita or PUR filters are excellent for cutting down costs of buying gallons or bottles of water. It filters out contaminants from tap water into drinkable water in minutes. As of now, BRITA is donating $1 for every Brita Longlast Pitcher or filter purchase to help schools filter out their dependence on bottled water.

Reusable bags

Walmart, Amazon and other companies have reusable canvas and tote bags that are designed to be a perfect alternative to the excess waste that plastic bags produce in landfills every year. Reusable bags are a simple solution to a growing problem we’re facing concerning plastic on Earth.

Package free shampoo

Companies such as Lush or Basin offer shampoo bars that are free of the traditional plastic encasing that many hair care companies still opt to use. Shampoo bars are small, portable and can be used up to 70-100 times for maximum efficiency.

Browse Ecosia

Google is great and convenient but search engine Ecosia is a brilliant alternative. Ecosia donates 80% of the profits from the search ad revenue to support tree planting programs. It’s an amazing way to continue with your normal internet browsing routine but having the power to plant a tree where it’s needed.