On beat with the summer heat

Concerts provide summer entertainment to teens


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Story by Peyton Sims, staff writer

Hands thrown in the air, teenagers singing along with their favorite artists and positive energy radiating around the stadium. Concerts are events multiple teenagers look forward to. Summertime is for teenagers to be able to relax on their time off from school and try to find different ways to entertain themselves.

Some may travel to Dallas to see their favorite lead singer; others might stay as close to town as possible and discover smaller bands they’ve never heard of. There are multiple different genres of music that all have different crowds. But in the end, a majority of today’s teens have a favorite band they’ve either seen in concert or they want to see.

With today’s helpful technology, people are able to have apps such as “Ticketmaster” or “StubHub” to alert them when a band they like is coming to an area near them. This grants teens the option for a fun night out, or some might even make a summer vacation out of the concert by traveling farther away. Numerous memories are made when somebody has the chance to experience their favorite singer performing in person. Whether it’s a band they’ve been listening to for two weeks or a singer they’ve been following for a majority of their lives, the experience would be extraordinary.

“Panic! At the Disco has influenced my life, and I recently got to attend one of their concerts in Dallas,” sophomore Hannah Spencer said. “I’ve been in love with the band ever since I was young and attending their concert made me so happy, especially since I’ve always looked up to the lead singer Brendon Urie for the longest time. I’ve engaged with the fandom and the people within it.”

Concerts hold much more than the music itself — they have a deeper meaning. Other teens, who have ventured outside of our small town to track down their favorite bands, have had similar experiences filled with pure joy. More teens should consider attending a concert even if it means saving up money or driving more than desired, it will always be worth it.