It’s a classic

Why it is important to watch classic movies


Graphic by Margaret Debenport

Story by Logan Diggs, staff writer

“Jurassic Park,” “Terminator,” “Friday the 13th” and “Rocky” are all classic movies, but why does that make them important? Movies benefit people who like bringing books to life with actual images and sounds. In school, after a class reads a book, the teachers usually ask students about the theme. So, the students sit there and come up with something to answer the question— usually without breaking it down and finding the true meaning or lesson people are supposed to learn.

How many times have you finished watching a movie and asked yourself about the theme? It is important to watch classical movies because they all have a deeper meaning to them.

Movies teach us life lessons that stick with us throughout our lives. A simple lesson one can learn from a movie, like “Finding Nemo,” for example, is to listen to the people that care about us. However, movies can contain even deeper meanings that open our eyes to the real world, whether it’s “The Wizard of Oz” teaching us that not all people are who they seem to be or “Forrest Gump” showing us that no matter what you are born with, you should not let it affect the pursuit your dreams.  

In the first “Rocky” movie, Rocky lost the fight at the end, and many people thought nothing of it. Then, they played a different movie, when they really should have asked themselves what lesson have they could have learned from this.

Personally, after watching the first “Rocky,” I learned that sometimes even when you put 100 percent toward a goal, you can still come up short.”

— Logan Diggs

Personally, after watching the first “Rocky,” I learned that sometimes even when you put 100 percent toward a goal, you can still come up short. After finding a recurring theme within the movie, people should gain a different piece of knowledge from it; this will open many doors for your creativity and understanding of things around you.

What about the lessons people have learned from “Toy Story” when Andy moves out of the house? Buzz and Woody have to work together to the fullest extent to catch up to their friends that are in the moving truck. Through these movies, I learned that teamwork is a key factor into success toward a common goal.

Last but not least, one of my favorite movies of all time is “Men In Black.” This movie is an extreme sci-fi movie about killing aliens and flying spaceships. So, one may think, “How does that help a person’s understanding of real-world situations?”

When Agent Jay is confronted by a killer alien that they are trying to prevent from destroying Earth, he realizes that there are cockroaches crawling on the ground. Knowing that the alien would get aggravated, he starts stepping on them. Also knowing his partner who had just purposely let the alien eat him. Jay thought teasing and taunting him would be a great way of buying time and that’s exactly what he was going for. Jay’s plan worked exactly as planned the alien rushed at him instead of blasting off in his spaceship, an Agent Kay who had been in the alien’s stomach the entire time busted out of its stomach using a laser gun thus defeating the alien.

I learned from this movie that most times it’s better to work smarter, not harder, in difficult situations. I also gained a valuable lesson that even when you are facing all odds, one spec of hope can mean the most in times of distress.

Whenever you are on Netflix, watch a classic movie or two. I guarantee that you will learn something worth your while that you can use through life numerous situations.