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Logan Diggs
Logan Diggs is a third-year member of Texas High School publications and is going into his fourth year of swimming for the Tigersharks. Finally a senior, Logan has taken on being a role model for lowerclassmen on the swim team and being managing editor of the Tiger Times. Logan will also be going into his second year of being a member of the National Honor Society. Although his schedule is at times jam-packed, he still finds time to hang with friends and play Xbox. One can find Logan either crying in an AP or DC class or eating Chick-fil-A. Logan may seem blunt and introverted at times; however, he loves making new friends. He also happens to be a registered lifeguard which makes him 0.001% more aware of his surroundings compared to your average Joe; no cap. He is more than excited to see how his senior year will unfold and is more than willing to put forth the effort to exceed expectations.

Logan Diggs, managing editor

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Logan Diggs