TV crossovers

Shows that have potential to become more than fiction


Graphic by Victoria Van

Story by Grey Johnson, culture editor

On those days when there is nothing else to do, we are kept entertained by the many television shows that exist. Whether it be on Netflix, Hulu or one of the many channels of today, these shows have presented us with amazing stories and performances. On some occasions, two shows come together to make a crossover, which can be interesting and entertaining. Here are some crossovers that will never happen but are fun to think about.

The Mighty Morphin Defenders

(“The Defenders” and “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”)

Although it is unlikely to have a second season, “The Defenders” was an interesting superhero TV show. It was its own crossover that contained four Marvel heroes with their own shows, but seeing these heroes team up with the most colorful team of good guys, the Power Rangers, would be something for the ages.

“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” is an older show, so the decision to either get new actors or have the old actors reprise their roles would be an interesting choice. Either way, all that’s needed for their proper inclusion would be the suits, the Zords and the overdone, yet necessary, explosions.

No force of evil would be able to stop this team, whether they fight the Hand or the many monsters that oppose the Rangers. What an even more interesting thought is: would the Defenders get their own Ranger suits or Zords? The clash in the optimistic tone of the Rangers and the darker tone of the Defenders would provide some interesting conflict and possibly some infighting. But, in the end, the good guys would prevail, most likely accompanied by a large explosion.

Breaking Nye

(“Breaking Bad” and “Bill Nye the Science Guy”)

Although this crossover could not really happen, due to one show being fictional and one being nonfiction, we can imagine what would happen if Bill Nye played a part in the fictional world of “Breaking Bad.”

Walter White’s drug schemes turned him into a very aggressive man in the later seasons. So, for the crossover to be as interesting as possible, Nye would have to show up in one of these seasons. Nye would be an interesting partner to the former school teacher as their past experiences in education would lead to some fun discussion.

The largest leap in logic would come in Nye’s character aiding a criminal such as White. The story would be fictional, of course, so anything can happen, no matter how unrealistic. Maybe Nye wouldn’t function as a partner, but possibly a rival to White. It would certainly be a humorous sight to see Nye starring in his own TV show by day and running his drug empire by night.

Colorful Competition

(“The Wiggles Show!” and “Teletubbies”)

One of the best shows in children’s television and one of the scariest shows in toddlers’ shows would be an interesting sight. Exactly how they come together is definitely a mystery but the result would be one to note.

Each group of children’s education icons would more than likely have a long, playful introduction followed by activities. For this specific crossover, the two groups would have to compete in something in order to have a proper plot. The competition would preferably be centered around music, as the Wiggles are musically talented. This may seem rigged against the Teletubbies, but who would root for the Teletubbies in the first place when the best team there is obviously the Wiggles.

The episode would be an interesting mashup that would evoke a number of emotions. It would make adults reminisce in the old days, kids cry at the horrifying Teletubbies and everyone would get to witness a colorful battle of the bands. It wouldn’t be a good crossover in the traditional sense, but at it would produce one last Wiggles masterpiece.

Blue’s Order

(“Blue’s Clues” and “Law and Order”)

Despite the settings for the two shows being completely unrelated, this would be a fun crossover. For people who grew up with “Blue’s Clues,” this would be a good look into the past. For people who watch “Law and Order,” this would provide some variety for the TV show that thrives on various crimes, settings and characters despite each episode having near the exact same plot.

A tough decision, however, would have to be made; either the real world set up in “Law and Order” would have to be broken to feature the animated dog, Blue, or Blue would not be able to appear in his true form. If the first path were taken, the episode would have an animated Blue side by side with real characters in a style similar to the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” If the latter option was chosen, then Blue would have to be a real dog painted blue. But, no matter what, the crossover would require the return of Steve Burns, the original human host for Blue’s Clues.

How Steve and his trusty pet end up in the world of Law and Order is up for debate. Maybe Steve decides to find a job in the real world, or maybe Blue witnesses a crime and decides to help solve it. However they are introduced, it would be a dream come true to witness Blue aiding the police in solving a real-life crime. With Blue at his side and his trusty green crayon, no criminal would escape Steve in “Law and Order.”