Insane for Deranged

New, innovative restaurant to open in early 2019


Story by Victoria Van, editor in chief

Springing up in Texarkana, an anticipated restaurant, Deranged Donuts/Pizza/Tacos is garnering attention from social media with its promises of trendy, delicious foods that cater to various audiences.

The restaurant will be located at 4101 Jefferson Ave. within the parking lot of the Jefferson Market. Depending on the city planning commission and construction, Deranged is hoping to be open spring of 2019.

Restaurant owner Anthony Jewell is experienced in the business and is aiming to provide a new eating experience for the downtown Texarkana area.

“I [also] own an Ecommerce platform that, over the years, has provided me with an ample amount of knowledge in regards to business operation,” Jewell said. “In my travels, I search out these types of restaurants since Texarkana doesn’t really offer any of them specifically, so I just decided it would be best for me to open my own.”

Jewell aims to appeal to those who are looking for a restaurant that offers a change of pace with an appealing menu and distinctive atmosphere.

“Primarily, Deranged will cater to a niche market, separating itself from the traditional food establishments currently offered locally,” Jewell said. “Our donuts will be gourmet, focusing on unique and unconventional toppings. Pizza, well, you just can’t beat traditional New York style. Now, in addition to our standard street taco variety, we will also offer weekly specials, such as fish, shrimp, pork belly, etc.”

Not only is Deranged offering a new spin on foods, but the restaurant is also generating steps to be environmentally friendly, utilizing a repurposed shipping container as the new building.

“We aim to raise the bar for a green movement in the Texarkana area. The shipping container itself will set us apart, partially sided with a mix of barnwood and pallet pieces with a rooftop garden that will have herbs and spices for our dishes,” Jewell said. “In addition, we will have rain collection and solar power. We aim to be as green as a restaurant can be within reason.”

With this location being Deranged’s first, it will start out with a drive-thru only until the the restaurant is considered viable. Along with this, other factors will determine the success of the restaurant.

“Our menu will consist of unique options that our market desperately needs. We want to change the way locals have essentially been forced to accept chain-type franchise foods, or hometown diners that tend to have more drama than they do great food.”