Everything you can learn from watching “Love Island”

Life lessons from a seemingly shallow reality show


Story by Margaret Debenport, opinion editor

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a bunch of twenty somethings looking for love in a dream house on a beautiful island with no connection to the outside world? Well, of course you haven’t, but the creators of hit show “Love Island” have, and the results of their experiment have taken the world by storm. The storm has rained hard enough to make director Greta Gerwig admit to binging the show and Margot Robbie pose with stars from the 2019 U.K. show at her most recent movie release. With a version of the show filming in 13 countries, it’s clear that this reality show is here to stay. Here’s everything you can learn by taking the time to complete a season.

1. Guy talk is just as dramatic, loving and supportive as girl talk is perceived to be, and girl talk is just as brutal and honest as guy talk is perceived to be.

Every time a guy got asked on date, the boys came sweeping in to cheer him on, give him a hug and help him get ready. While the girls did this as well, they never fell short of discussing the nitty gritty details of their relationships or how they truly felt about their current partner with the rest of the girls on the island. Every cliche Hollywood movie has done a terrible job of depicting friendships on reality TV shows, but Love Island has come to the rescue to show us the truth about how guys and girls discuss their feelings.

2. Communication is everything.

If you’re freaking out about something, the person you’re coupled up with is probably worried about the same thing. About 99% of the problems that occured between couples came up due to their lack of communication about how they felt. So many relationship catastrophes could have been prevented if only the two could have talked about how they’re feeling towards each other to each other rather than someone else.

3. Secrets are never secrets.

Ever. Even when you think you’ve only told your best friends, they’ve only told their other best friends who assumed the group’s other best friend had been told and soon enough, the guy you want to keep getting to know has heard you don’t think he’s that funny, and feelings are hurt.

4. Calling your significant other out for unruly behavior is, actually, not a bad thing.

Sometimes, drama becomes too thick and one member of a couple would call out the other for acting immaturely. This may have caused superficial wounds, but once healed, it was an important part of building a relationship. It is important that people be told when they are in the wrong by someone who has their best interest at heart.

5. It’s the little things.

Getting your significant other a cup of coffee, making them a meal or just checking in on them after a difficult day had the power to make or break relationships throughout the season. It wasn’t always how compatible or good looking someone was that led to two people coupling up, but rather how much they showed their interest in each other through simple acts of care.

6. Honesty is the best policy.

Seriously. If you think someone is too loud, tell them and move on. If you don’t like the way someone lacks emotion when with you, then tell them to their face. If you don’t, it will come up as a problem later. If you talk about your significant other to someone else, and are then confronted about the conversation, just tell them what you said, because they’re gonna find out anyways.

7. There isn’t a perfect relationship.

The way one couple may get along through jovial passive aggressiveness is much different than the way another connects through sweet gestures and conversation. Each relationship is different, and there is not one specific way to make connections between people.

8. You can never tell if someone is truly nice.

The most supportive guy or girl on the island can have their head turned in a split second. Even when a relationship may seem the strongest on the island, in a moment someone’s head could be turned by a new arrival, and the guy everyone has been ogling over could show his true colors.

9. A couple may last a few days, but friends are always there.

Even after islanders leave the show, the friendships molded in a highly strung, emotional atmosphere last for years after the season ends. The love shared between a group of friends is what forms the lasting relationships on the island and allows them to thrive.