Money moves

How teens would spend lottery money


Photo by Bailey Groom

Photo Illustration

Story by Brooklyn Watson, staff writer

Winning the lottery is a big deal for many adults. Scratching six numbers, hoping every number will match. If they win the jackpot, they can receive an abundance of money. However, it is very rare for someone to win the lottery. Many adults would spend the money on a mansion or a car that fits all of their kids. They might even remodel their kitchen or pay off their debt. 

Most people are aware that it’s illegal for kids under 18 to participate in the lottery, but if a teenager could win the jackpot one day, how would they spend the money?

“Winning the lottery would help me a lot with my future like going to my dream college and not have to be so stressed about collecting the money to pay bills, it could make life so easy for me,” junior Juana Olvera said.

Winning the full on jackpot is like winning a whole new life. A chance to start over and to do something beyond your former reach. It could turn your boring uneducated life to a more intriguing lifestyle; like going to college and not having to worry about student debt, or not having to worry about paying bills. Winning the lottery could turn a vision into reality.  

“If I were to win the lottery, I would spend the money on something huge and awesome like a mansion that has a huge pool inside and has sixteen different bedrooms. And lots of bathrooms. I could rent a limo to come pick me up everyday for school, or a boat to go fishing in and headphones to listen to music with,” sophomore Nicholas Price said. 

Most teens would spend the money on something to entertain them or something productive.  

“I would give half of the money to a Christian charity then the other half would go to my family so we could build our dream house and buy our dream car,” sophomore Brooklyn Phelps said. 

When given the money there is so much one could do with it, but very rarely will any teen consider sharing the money with their family or donating to a charity. 

“I would buy everything trendy, or the newest iPhone and a Macbook Pro,” junior Kaiti Watson said. 

Receiving loads of cash would be perfect for someone who wants to grow their savings account to benefit them in the future. 

“I honestly would invest the money into a successful company so I could hopefully make more money off of it. I also wouldn’t tell anyone,” sophomore Emma Hickerson said. 

There is a high chance that one in a million will win the lottery, but it’s interesting to see the opinion of many teens and how they would spend the money. While the teenagers’ hopes and desires varied, winning the lottery could make their wildest dreams come true.