The Netflix buzz

Netflix shows trending among students


Photo by Peyton Sims

The word “Netflix” overtakes the television screen as a student prepares to find a show to binge.

Story by Jenna Williamson, Advertising editor

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, some students have had a plethora of time on their hands. A lot of them have filled that void with one thing: Netflix. Binge watching series on Netflix has become quite popular recently, so get ready to take a peek and see what students of Texas High have been viewing during quarantine. 

“I have enjoyed the extra family time that I have gotten,” junior Korie Hamilton said. “However, I have also enjoyed being able to catch up on my favorite TV series. I have especially enjoyed “All American.” I always feel on the edge of my seat and anxious for what will happen next.”

“All American” has definitely been a crowd favorite, and it has also been trending on Netflix at the beginning of this crazy journey. However, as the weeks go by, new series become the talk among students. Shows such as “Tiger King” and “Outer Banks” have surged more recently. 

“I enjoyed watching “Tiger King” because it was very funny throughout the whole show,” senior Reed Russell said. “I also thought it was very neat how the directors made the audience sympathetic to people who, under normal circumstances, would’ve been seen as evil.” 

From amazing characters, to shows that push you to the edge of your seat, students are watching it all.

“‘Outer Banks” is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time,” freshman Ally Moore said. “I think I love the characters more than anything, which is why the show is so good to me– we just connect. I have definitely loved being able to binge watch Netflix more.”

There are many shows streaming right now, but these by far were fan favorites. They have and still are, trending on Netflix, TikTok and other social media platforms. Netflix has reported a buzz they’ve been having since the start of the pandemic, some of these being Netflix Originals. Who knows what shows could come next.

“I know I am constantly trolling for shows to watch,” senior Bryson Harris said. “Netflix has been my go-to and they have definitely published some awesome shows and series that I’ve enjoyed viewing. It doesn’t make up for the loss of our year, but it is something that is entertaining.”