Social media showdown

Which social media topples at Texas High?


Photo by Peyton Sims


Story by Aislyn Echols, staff writer

Social media has begun to dominate the internet. Most people have at least one or two social media apps on their phones and other devices. Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and Facebook are just a few examples of well-known social media platforms in the world. However, on a more specific scale, what social media tends to be at the top and bottom of Texas High School students’ recommended lists?

One of the oldest social media apps known is Facebook. Facebook was created by Mark Zukerberg in October of 2003. At the time of its debut, it was one of the biggest social media platforms of its time. People could share and communicate to others easily, which drew in a large crowd. With other social media platforms coming into the mix as life goes on, Facebook might fall lower on people’s favorite list.

“I hate Facebook because it is extremely behind in the media world of today,” junior Alexandra Chester said. “It is infested with judgmental family members and there’s not very much you can do on there if you don’t know people that you are ‘friends’ with.”

One more prevalent and more used social media in today’s time is Instagram. The platform is meant for people to post videos and pictures to share with their friends and family. The pictures and videos are the main portion, but the funny captions and comments only add to the experience. Made in October of 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the app has made its way to most people’s devices. Considering its age, Instagram has had to make a few updates in order to stay prevalent.

“[Instagram] never really caught my eye, but I have had recommendations,” senior William McClellan said. “[My friends] said it’s quick, user friendly, and easy to pick up. [You can] chat with people and browse memes that people post.”

Another rather old social media platform is Reddit. Although it was made all the way back in June of  2005, Reddit has made a redemption into people’s lives once more. Created by college roommates Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, Reddit and it’s many servers have housed many people along with their memes, pictures and comment threads. Giving a person a free and safe place to express themself on specific topics. It’s servers and highly connected communities have given people a place to tell their stories, experiences, and comments to people who feel the same way.

“I like Reddit, it’s a cool site,” sophomore Jessie Gamble said. “It’s not my typical format and I’ve just never been prompted to make an account. Though, I like how it has categories or topics you can easily follow.”

Snapchat is the youngest of this small group. Founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy, Snapchat is a rather simple, yet effective, form of texting, taking pictures and videos. The funny filters and emojis are only the beginning of the wonders on the app. The map feature connects people all around the globe, and the app allows easy access to friends and family with optional typing and limited words.

“My favorite [social media] platform is Snapchat,” sophomore Ethan Pirkey said. “I love it because of its easy communication and you’re able to quickly save and share your photos and videos.”

Social media as a whole is filled with many different varieties of apps and websites. With all these varieties, it can draw in people that have different preferences and likings. Saying that one or two social medias dominate, is hard to say the least. For the students at Texas High, there might not be a definite favorite for everyone, but there are still few that topple the others.