Modifying the mask

Cheap and easy ways to make masks fashionable

Story by Peyton Sims, editor in chief

You snooze your alarm and roll out of bed. Your closet and its many possibilities taunts you. After throwing on the first items of clothing that catch your eye, you prepare to head out the door, only partially ready to conquer the day. Right before leaving, you stomp back inside and grab your plain and boring mask that continuously slips your mind. Now you’re ready. However, there’s a simple way to help you no longer leave your mask behind.

Considering masks will likely be mandatory for months to come, you might as well have a little fun with it.  Personalized masks are not only enjoyable to make, but they’ll keep you fashion-forward in times where it’s tempting to never change out of your sweatpants. Whether you’re bringing new life to a plain mask through a painted design or incorporating a solid color mask into your daily fashion, this will certainly lift up your spirits while also enhancing your style. 

Animal print masks
If you’re looking to channel your exotic side, you’re in the right place. The trendy patterns are unstoppable, so why not embrace them? From zebra to cheetah print, there’s a wide variety for you to choose from when it comes to designing a mask. It also doesn’t take much artistic ability to paint these designs on your own mask, all you need now is some paint. 

Monochrome outfits 

In today’s fashionable world, monochrome outfits are making their way to the top. This one is by far the easiest on the list to achieve. All you have to do is find a solid color mask, the choice of color is up to you. Once you’ve done that, begin formulating an outfit based solely around that color. Whether you’re rocking all black, all white or maybe even hot pink, the only rule is to have fun with it.

Glue-on accessories

If you’d prefer to not tackle painting, hopefully you aren’t afraid of a hot glue gun. Another cute way to vamp up your mask is to glue on some accessories. These can consist of stickers, sequins, yarn, beads– you name it! If you’re wanting everything to stay intact for as long as possible, hot glue is the best route when it comes to applying. People will constantly be asking you where you got your cool, one of a kind mask.

A mask-terpiece 

If you’re an art lover, this one’s for you. Dig out your paintbrushes and prepare to replicate some of the most iconic pieces of artwork in history on your mask. There are many classics to pick from including “The Great Wave,” “Starry Night” or “The Creation of Adam.” If you happen to not only appreciate art but also hold artistic ability, it may be easier to execute the complex painting process that will bring your masterpiece to life. However, even if you’re a beginner, don’t let that stand in the way of you trying out this design– practice makes perfect! These masks will certainly channel your desired aesthetic and bring your final look together. 

Vintage bandana look

Have you ever wanted to channel the ‘60s scarf aesthetic but never got the chance? Well now’s your time– face protection can come in many forms as we all know, including a stylish scarf or bandana. You can style your scarf by tying it in the back or you can wrap it around your neck and pull the fabric up to cover your face just to name a few. The possibilities are endless. 

Funky patterns 

Do you like cool and funky abstract prints? If so, put them on your mask! Abstract prints can go with almost anything, and they’ll add a unique, modern aspect to your outfit that will stand out in a crowd. To find inspiration, search for abstract patterns, 80s prints or fun patterns and whip out your paints and mask to begin.The best part about these patterns is that they’re supposed to look wild, so don’t worry about trying to make it perfect.

Your school year is one step closer to feeling less abnormal thanks to your new fashionable mask. With the use of these fun designs, you’ll be able to look your best while actively keeping yourself and others safe. With each second that passes by, we all patiently wait for the day that the world will return to normal– in the meantime, stay safe, and keep your distance.