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Modifying the mask

September 3, 2020

You snooze your alarm and roll out of bed. Your closet and its many possibilities taunts you. After throwing on the first items of clothing that catch your eye, you prepare to head out the door, only partially ready to conquer the day. Right before leaving, you stomp back inside and grab your plain and ...

Up in the hair

Up in the hair

March 14, 2020

Pollen has started to fall, the little flowers that sprinkle the ground are sprouting and afternoon thunderstorms are beginning to roll in. It’s early spring, and with the cold weather rolling out, it’s time to roll in the bright color palettes that make up a spring wardrobe. With Target, Kitsch,...

Graphic by Margaret Debenport

The future of fashion

February 27, 2020

Models strut down the runway, making history as they debut the fashions of the future. Like most things in high fashion that simply don’t make sense, collections that debut in the fall are meant to be worn in the spring, and vice versa. This leaves time for fast fashion brands to mimic the trends set ...

Photo Illustration

Orange is the new black

October 10, 2019

The full moon towers in the night sky looking over your shoulder at the old pictures. Your fall fashion choices haunt you like the ghost of your wardrobe’s past. Re-leaf your future self and follow these tips to revamp your autumn apparel.  Pumped-up kicks  Pumpkin spice up your old looks with some brand new...

Graphic by Kaitlyn Gordon

A desire to design

May 1, 2019

The idea comes to her brain like a strike of lightning. The pencil touches the paper and her mind spills poetry onto the page. All of her attention is on the new piece she is creating. Her motivation holds her captive until she has finalized the wonder that fills her mind. The inspiration and talent that...

graphic by Peyton Sims

Passion for fashion

March 7, 2019

Fashion trends come and go, and as we embark into a new year, people are becoming interested in new clothing combinations. However, it can be quite difficult to put together an outfit that you’re pleased with, and trends can simply be too difficult to keep up with. Considering we’re not far into the year, ...

Senior Anne Grimes matches her outfit with her newest pair of

New brand Kendra Scott sweeps Texarkana

December 23, 2014

Most girls know of the trend. A simple block of color surrounded by a metal frame that dangles from your ear. It’s become the new fad, and girls can’t seem to get enough of it. Kendra Scott began as a small company in 2002 with only about $500 in Austin, TX. Since then, Kendra Scott has...

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