Jitters of Jefferson 

Haunted locations in Jefferson, Texas you don’t want to miss

Photo by Peyton Sims
Ghost tour guide Jodi Breckenridge tells a story to her group inside The Jefferson Hotel. Breckenridge, who worked at this hotel when she was younger, told a fair share of her own paranormal experiences she had on the job.

Story by Peyton Sims , editor in chief

The month where you listen to ghost stories while dressed in dark attire has finally arrived. Pumpkins can be seen left to right, and Halloween films are finally beginning to overtake all of the television channels. October. This is undeniably one of the best times of the year. What better way is there to spend the holiday than in a town full of its very own haunts and legends?

Jefferson, Texas is known for its vast amount of antique stores lining every corner. While the  haunted hotels, tours and ghost walks resume year-round, experiencing them during the month known for its horror is a must. 

The Grove

One of the most haunted historical homes in Texas is none other than The Grove. This estate, which is now owned by author Mitchel Whitington, is open for hour-long tours during any time of the year. If you love learning about Jefferson’s past, you wouldn’t want to miss this stop.

Khan Hotel

This hotel is full of eerie hauntings from one room to the next. Five people are said to have lost their lives under the roof of the Khan Hotel. Rated among the top 10 most haunted places in Texas, if you have the intentions of experiencing paranormal activity, you’re in the right place. Book a room at your own risk, it’s likely you won’t be getting much sleep. 

Old Mill’s Antique 

Whether its numerous spirits that are attached to the antiques or simply the winding isles that never seem to end, many could argue that this location has its fair share of paranormal activity. If you’re determined to commit to the fright factor, attend a Jefferson Ghost Walk on Fridays and Saturdays to explore the store after hours in the depth of the night.

The Jefferson Hotel 

Where do I even start? While yes, it’s likely that there’s a ghost or two that hangs out in the hotel, the new renovated atmosphere can draw in the alive and the dead alike. Original antiques line every inch of the wall, and the guest rooms have unsettling themes that beckon the visitors to stay. Some of these rooms consist of baby dolls crawling up the walls, horrific clowns, tribal scenery, etc. One of the most haunted places in the hotel is said to be the kitchen where a chef had to quit because she was too frightened to be in there alone. If you have the desire to stay up all night, there’s no doubt that you’ll easily be able to accomplish this at the Jefferson Hotel.

Haywood House 

If you’re trying to locate the Haywood House, look for the iconic “Golden Era” mural painting on its side. The instant we entered the Haywood House, the already dim chandelier began to flicker. This building has a long history that dates back to a Confederate family owning it as a hotel. There’s stories of people jumping from the balconies to their death, treasure being hidden within the walls of the home and even a series of tunnels running underneath the building.

Jefferson ghost walk  

The best part about this ghost walk led by Jody Breckenridge is that you’ll cover a majority of the locations on this list during the tour. The group departs at night, and they walk from building to building while she enriches you on the history of ghost sites, murders and trauma that took place right where you’re standing. When attending the ghost walk, be sure to arrive with a camera on hand. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of capturing your very own photo of a ghostly orb.

Excelsior House Hotel 

Being the oldest hotel in Texas that’s in continuous operation, the walls are bound to be full of a rich history. Guests can stay in historical suites named after Ulysses S. Grant, Lady Bird Johnson, Jay Gould, etc. While it’s rumored that ghosts occupy the rooms and ghost children run up and down the halls, any worker at the Excelsior will quickly debunk your sighting. Despite them thinking that the ghosts will only send people away, the stories seem to keep sceptics coming through the lobby doors to see for themselves.

While October is already more than halfway over, there’s still time to book a memorable weekend getaway in Jefferson, Texas. Whether you’re going for the ghosts, the antiques or even the history, you will certainly not be disappointed. Just don’t be surprised if you hear an extra set of footsteps, a series of slamming doors or giggling children running the halls. Even if you don’t make it this month, the town’s horror remains year-round.